From BladeHQ: Three reasons throwing knives rock

BladeHQ has its own blog, appropriately named: KnifeBlog. Sure, they are plugging their wares, but much of their original content is quite good.

I saw this one the other day, and I liked it a lot. You will have to visit their post to see numbers 1 and 3, but I really agree with point #2 most strongly – Throwing knives is therapeutic. 

From KnifeBlog:

Seriously. Flinging a throwing tomahawk at a target is ridiculously satisfying. If you’ve got worries, anxiety, or a heap-ton of stress, throwing knives are cheaper than a therapist and healthier than beer.

Throwing knives are cheaper than a therapist and healthier than beer.

In the heat of the Civil War, soldiers passed the time at night in camp by throwing knives. If it worked for them, it can work for you. Now, we’re not suggesting that throwing knives could ever take the place of professional medical help, but we are firm believers that changing up the routine, trying something new, and mastering a skill can be extremely useful in keeping your mental health in check. Putting life’s worries into a flying piece of steel has a magical way of smoothing things over and making life more manageable. Clear your mind, focus on the target, and let it fly.

I have written about my very basic experimentation with flinging steel, and I still find it extremely relaxing.It helps with writer’s block in particular. I need to make an actual end-grain target board for this winter as I have exhausted my supply of free, water-damaged shelf pieces.

To revisit my Question of the Day – Flinging Steel Edition: Do any of you throw knives either just for fun or on a higher level?


  1. Sam L. says:

    Nope. Don’t have the space. Maybe some day…

  2. Bill Krupar says:

    I dated a chick that had “throwing knives” as relaxing in her Match profile and thought she was nuts.
    She has plenty of tattoos, so she is ready for the circus,

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From BladeHQ: Three reasons throwing knives rock

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