From Bon Appetit: Real Kitchen Nightmares

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Kitchens can be dangerous places

I am assuming we have all cut ourselves at one point or another. Some might even have required stitches. Most of you probably haven’t hit yourself in the head with an axe.

If you have never witnessed the barely-controlled chaos that is a commercial kitchen you might not understand just how dangerous it can be. Razor-sharp knives, hot surfaces, bodies running about, and a tremendous amount of stress all combine to create an environment where serious accidents happen.

Bon Appetit Magazine compiled several stories from renowned chefs around the country and shared several of the best. Here is one example:

At my first job out of culinary school, I was working at Tru in Chicago. We had a chocolate dessert on the menu that required tropical fruit and ice. It was passion fruit, guava, and mango. The guavas we had were never ripe, and they were horrible, small, and not easy to handle. They don’t cut very well, either. I was preparing one, and I pretty much cut the tip of my thumb off with a paring knife right before service. To this day, my fingerprint is gone in an area the size of a pencil eraser, and if I pick up something hot, where that area is, it hurts. I still hate guava.

Megan Garrelts, co-chef-owner of Bluestem in Kansas City, MO, andRye in Leawood, KS

Read the whole thing, if you aren’t particularly squeamish.

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From Bon Appetit: Real Kitchen Nightmares

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