From Delish: 12 Things you should never do with your kitchen knives

Take care of your knives, and they will take care of you.

As I have begun to move into the realm of high end kitchen knives, I have also started paying a good deal more attention to their care. While I was not above putting my Wusthof Classics into the dishwasher on occasion, I no longer do, and I could not fathom putting as fine a tool as my Murray Carter through such abuse.

The food-blog delish has a 12-point list of things you should never do with your kitchen knives. Some of these are about caring for your hands and fingers rather than the knives themselves, but it is a solid list overall. I agree with all but #8, and even then I understand their point.

From Delish:

8. Never scrap up your food with the knife. Seems harmless, but you should never use your knife to scoop your chopped onions into your hand or your food scraps into the trash. This method, while seemingly convenient, dulls your knife—which is a problem (see above). Instead use a bench knife (a must have kitchen tool) or the spine of your knife (the non-sharp edge).

Using a bench-knife isn’t bad advice, for those who have one, but I have never missed it. Sure, if you dig the edge of your chefs knife into your board and try to slice the board itself, it is going to be hard on the knife. Personally, if I were going to offer this bit of advice, I would suggest that it is dangerous to move your hand towards the edge of your knife. That said, I have done this my whole life and it is one way that I have not actually cut myself.

As for dulling the blade, I canned more than 50 pints of salsa this year with my Carter, as well as using it several times a week in daily cooking. Despite scooping diced tomatoes all year, I still haven’t needed to even hone the blade. I am anal in how I take care of it – handwashing, drying, and storing it in its original box with a couple of silica “DO NOT EAT” desiccant packets to prevent a corrosive surprise if I go a week or two without bringing it out.

What say you?


  1. Shoopmonster says:

    I just use the spine of the blade instead of the sharp end.

    1. Jon M. says:

      I do this too. Probably not a good idea for clumsy folks, but works well.

  2. cmeat says:

    i always used the spine to scoop until berry’s chef’s knife arrived last year. i haven’t tested it for rockwell (i know it will leave an imprint) but he claims near mid sixities with 10v; it doesn’t really dull. a light stropping keeps it insane.
    i am seldom without a knife cut on my hands; scooping has never bit me. pre- scooping has caused preventive injury technique modification.

  3. Sam L. says:

    I’ve cut myself, but never while scraping up what I’ve chopped.

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From Delish: 12 Things you should never do with your kitchen knives

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