From GearPatrol: 21 terms knife-lovers should know

21 terms knife lovers should know

When I came across this list from GearPatrol, I hurriedly scanned through it and realized somewhat proudly that the only term I wasn’t sure of was quillion which they describe thusly:

The part of the guard or handle that extends beyond the tang of the blade to provide additional protection to the hand.

Looking through the list a second time, I attempted to come up with ones I did not know before becoming involved in the industry. this added choil, ricasso, jimping, and swedge. The rest were words I was familiar with through my general knowledge of knives or tools in general. That said, it is a pretty good list, which I encourage you to check out for yourselves.

What terms were new to you? Is there one you would add? (I would add hamon)

Leave a thought in the comments below if you are so inclined.


Of course, when it comes to knife terms, people always are asking “What is Damascus Steel?”



  1. T.C McNamara says:

    Afraid to say that the part circled is the ricasso, they even put the comment under the photo.

    “Ricasso: The flat and unsharpened portion of a blade between the handle and the bevel. Not to be confused with choil, ricasso refers to the flat side of a knife, not its edges.”

    Quillion is originally a cross guard on a sword and would apply on a knife when you have a finger guard. Flippers usually have this etc.

  2. cmeat says:

    the blade shapes don’t really seem right here, but it is titled terms so i guess.
    we’ve seen the blade shape descriptions recently in list form and i learned sumpin’.
    nothing here to rival cannelure, meplat or ogive, but i would have rather seen blood groove and pommel instead of spear point.

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From GearPatrol: 21 terms knife-lovers should know

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