From HiConsumption: 5 Knife Designers & Their Favorite Knives

photo via HiConsumption

I hadn’t heard of the lifestyle blog HiConsumption, but they certainly pulled together an all-star lineup for this piece. Chris Reeve headlines an article which also features Les George, Jens Anso, Jesper Voxnaes, and Ryan Coulter.

I will share Les George’s section of the piece since I found this through a Facebook share of his. Plus it is funny to note how closely this interview tracks with Les’s 5 from the Grinder piece.

From HiConsumption:

Though he credits much of his brilliance in knife-making to having learned from Stan Fujisaka of Kaneohe, Hawaii, we’re pretty sure that Les George has plenty of creativity and innovation to offer, himself. In fact, it’s evident in his work. This humble smith has been crafting killer blades since 1992, during which time he also spend over a decade United States Marine Corps – working as a heavy equipment mechanic, an Embassy Guard in foreign lands, and a Senior Explosive Ordnance Disposal Technician. And he brings much of his unique experience and point of view into his craft – as evidenced in both his fixed-blade and folder-style knives.

What got you into knife making/designing in the first place?

I started making knives as a 12 year old kid, when my parents would not let me extend my knife collection to include the Buck 119 fixed blade.  To be fair, I already had dozens of knives…

I saw a book about making knives in the library and asked my parents if I could make my own knives.  They didn’t think anything would come of it, so they gave me the go ahead.

What is your all-time favorite knife and/or the knife that first got you interested in the craft?

I love daggers most of all.  My favorite dagger is the M1918 Trench knife from the tail end of WW1.  It’s not good but for one thing, and you pick it up and it just feels right.  Makes you want to punch and stab stuff!

What is your personal favorite design on which you’ve ever worked?

As a designer working with other companies, my favorite fixed blade is the V14 Dagger that I designed for Spartan Blades.  As much as I love my dagger, folding knives are where I make my living and they are a far more useful thing in these days. My favorite folder design is the Zero Tolerance 0920.  Currently in my custom line up, the Sicario is my favorite.

The other makers’ sections are worth reading as well.


  1. Sam L. says:

    Quite interesting, Had to wander thru their website.

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From HiConsumption: 5 Knife Designers & Their Favorite Knives

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