From Indefinitely Wild: Credit-card knife shootout


Wes Siler tested 3 higher-end “wallet knives” from Boker, SOG, and a new, Kickstarter-based company, Zootility. (photo from Indefinitely Wild)

It is always interesting when Wes Siler of Indefinitely Wild puts out something on knives. Indefinitely Wild is Gizmodo’s adventure-travel and outdoor blog and we have passed along several of his pieces both from the gear side of things, (here, here) as well as an excellent political-history piece on the origin of switchblade bans.

In his latest piece, he does a side-by-side comparison of three solid “credit card/wallet knives” (Zootility Wildcard, Boker Plus Credit Card Knife, and SOG Access Card 2.0. He also touches on a few gimmick pieces like the Cardsharp that you see advertised in the margins on Facebook, dismissing these out of hand as too flimsy and/or awkward to be considered useful tools.

He evaluates the tools on thickness, blade shape and design, locking mechanism, handle design/practicality, and non-wallet carry.

I won’t spoil Wes’s results, drop by and see for yourself. It is a well done piece.

One interesting side story that Wes shared is how he was accosted by NYC cops who saw the SOG’s clip in his pocket:

“As a probably-not-interesting aside, this SOG was the knife plain clothes NYPD officers spotted clipped in my pocket and tackled me to confiscate. Luckily, New York City cops ain’t too smart and they were unable to make the blade open with a flick, thereby proving it a “gravity knife” and me a criminal. Well, that or they realized that law is intended to target minorities.”

The hyperlink is to Wes’s article “Help rid NY of its unjust “Gravity Knife” law”. He published that in conjunction with’s effort at the end of last June’s NY legislative session. While the measure was ultimately scuttled by upstate Republican Senator Mike Nozzolio, Indefinitely Wild is a wonderful platform to reach a demographically different audience and hopefully get them on-board for the next go-round.


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From Indefinitely Wild: Credit-card knife shootout

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