From Instructables: Making an ice-pick balisong

I am not entirely sure I need one of these, but it certainly has a cool factor.

From Instructables:

This is a straightforward build with fairly easy to find materials, but you will need some basic metal working tools. Although many steps could be modified with some ingenuity (The links are specifically to what I used in the video, but use what you have on hand)



  • ~13 links of motorcycle chain (I used one from a Kawasaki Ninja 250)
    • NOTE: Several viewers have successfully used bike chains
  • 1 screwdriver (Mine was a #1 Phillips)
    • NOTE: You could use a store-bought ice pick and just remove the handle if you’d rather.
  • 1 3/8” shackle bolt (or appropriate size for the chain you have)

Visit the site or watch the video for the rest. One commenter had a great suggestion:

I think I may just ahve to make this, although rather than making an ice pick, have a double ended screw driver (get a posi drive and file the other end to a flat head, or just get a double ended one) and then weld the chain half way along, for a unique handle. Great idea. Thanks

I might try this when I finally break down and buy a welder.

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From Instructables: Making an ice-pick balisong

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