From KnifePlanet: The complete guide to choosing an EDC knife


KnifePlanet is back with this extremely comprehensive guide.

We have shared several pieces from KnifePlanet in the past, including their “55 Experts share their #1 sharpening tip“. Last year I participated in a panel of “experts” in discussing what we look for in a SHTF knife. I always find their posts thorough and informative, but those terms do not do their latest guide justice.

Covering a vast array of topics from folding knife anatomy, comparisons of handle materials, blade shapes and grinds, finishes, and more, it includes dozens of illustrations, pictures, and sever. It actually comes with an indexed table of contents.

From KnifePlanet:

In this article I will review several criteria for choosing the best EDC knife. I consider several basic criteria. They are reasons to carry, local laws, weight, blade length, blade shape, blade treatment/finish, edge grind type, steel type, handle materials and design, cost, opening mechanism, retention (blade and pocket), lock type, fit & finish, and finally…appeal. Before we get to those criteria though, let’s look at pocket knife anatomy. It is my hope that by the time you finish reading this article, you will have a solid basic understanding of EDC knives. I will also provide a short list of quality knives I own and use.



Just one of dozens of illustrations and pictures from KnifePanet’s guide.



They really did a fabulous job with this one. Check it out.

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From KnifePlanet: The complete guide to choosing an EDC knife

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