From MTJS Blog: The Knives of TV’s “Dexter”


Elise of MTJS Blog identifies the knives used by TV’s Dexter.

I admit I never watched Dexter myself, but when I saw this post from our friends at More Than Just Surviving, I felt like sharing. David’s post The Knives of History’s Alone Season 2 has been a workhorse, drawing dozens of organic views daily even months after publication. It seems to be a bit of an Internet game – identifying gear from shows like Alone, Naked and Afraid, and others.

Dexter followed the life of a serial killer who was quite proficient with knives. Elise Xavier identifies them for the internet’s edification.

From MTJS Blog:

For the first three seasons of the television show, Dexter’s kill bag is pretty much a mess. The knives used vary from episode to episode, season to season. It’s not until the fourth season where Dexter’s kill bag gets pretty much fully sorted out: to the point where he very consistently pulls out the same knives, knife bag, and equipment over and over again from episode to episode.

The order of the knives in the season 4 onward kill bag are shuffled around a lot, thus numbering them off to name them can be difficult because the order really depends on which episode you’re watching.

For the sake of identifying the knives with a visual aid, we’ll be using a screenshot taken from Season 4, Episode 8. You can find a large version of this screenshot (the same one that is pictured below) here.

If you are a fan, check it out.


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From MTJS Blog: The Knives of TV’s “Dexter”

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