From the Art of Manliness: How to restore a vintage pocket-knife.


The Art of Manliness has a good step by step how-to on restoring a vintage pocketknife. (before restoration)

Some of you took umbrage with my gratuitous hipster-bashing when I shared “How to make an Axe Handle” from The Art of Manliness. Truthfully, I really like the site as a general rule, and check in on it from time to time. TTAK reader AW1Ed was on the ball and caught this post that went live today on restoring a vintage pocketknife.



After cleaning.

From How to Restore a Vintage/Antique Pocket Knife:

“Whether you buy an antique knife or one gets passed on to you, it’s likely that it’ll be rusted, grimey, dull…less than ideal for both collecting and using. So how do you go about restoring the knife to its former glory? With some digging on internet forums, as well as talking with a couple antique dealers, I was able to nail down a solid method for cleaning antique pocket knives and ensuring their fine fettle and usability for years to come.”

Obviously this is not something to try on a collector-grade antique, that is a job for professionals. However, for those good garage-sale finds or grandpa’s hand-me downs, this is a solid step-by-step guide.



  1. PeterK says:

    One of his stipulations was cheapness, so presumably he wasn’t advocating carelessness with valuable goods. Though I am not sure I’d know one from the other. ;p

    I love that blog though, and found the post interesting.

  2. sagebrushracer says:

    I visited his blog, good stuff. You guys should really mention the knife throwing game mumbley peg. old timey goodness, I have heard about it in books, and they have a post on it in the art of manliness blog as well.

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From the Art of Manliness: How to restore a vintage pocket-knife.

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