From The Deepest Depths Of Uselessness: Floating Cork Pocketknife

Image courtesy coolmaterial.comIf you’re a fisherman or boater, you can always clip your pocketknife to one of those floaty foam boater’s key fobs. If you’re way too cool for that (or if you don’t need another bulge in your trouser pocket) you can drop $26 plus S&H for this cork-handled floating knife . . .

A bulky knife with a single tiny blade? I do some canoeing, but this knife gets such a profound “meh” reaction that it doesn’t even quality as an Obscure Object Of Desire. The foam floaty key fobs work way too well to spend money on this.

YMMV, however. If you really want one, you can find them here.



  1. jwm says:

    My knife is always attached to me. If I float, it floats. If I sink, then I won’t need a knife.

  2. Sam L. says:

    My knife, (one of them) is attached to my PFD.

  3. Matt in FL says:

    That’s what a lanyard’s for, if you’re that worried.

  4. Charlie Johnson says:

    Yeah, I’ve lost exactly one knife in lake Houston, luckily a cheap Schrade, but I learned my lesson. Every knife on the water is securely tied to my person now.

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From The Deepest Depths Of Uselessness: Floating Cork Pocketknife

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