From the Deepest Depths of Uselessness: Schrade Old Timer Bowie


From a manufacturer who’s name used to mean something, comes a new product better left to flea markets and the BudK catalog.

For the low, low price of $18, Schrade will sell you a 10-inch bladed hunk of nameless stainless that they are calling the Old Timer Bowie.

That’s right, the brand your grandfather loved is now solidly targeting the mall-ninja demographic.

There is no way that the Old Timer Bowie could even be worth the effort it takes to punch in your credit card number. If Schrade would like to prove me wrong, they are welcome to send me one for review and I will put the knife through its paces just like anything else.

This popped up on my radar because it was just featured in BladeHQ’s newsletter. I can’t find it on Taylor Brands’ website (Schrade’s owner) so I’ll leave you with BHQ’s product description for the knife. It is good for at least a few laughs/head shakes.

This well designed bowie fixed blade knife features a 10″ bowie blade made from stainless steel. The Old Timer Bowie by Schrade offers a heavy duty design that will withstand the rigors of hard outdoor use. It has a full tang handle featuring black saw cut handle scales. The blade comes in the bowie clip point style and has a satin finish. It includes a convenient black nylon belt sheath for easy everyday carry. Old Timer offers affordable EDC knives that will stand up to hard use.

Overall Length:14.50″
Blade Length:10.00″
Blade Material:Stainless Steel
Blade Style:Clip Point
Edge Type:Plain
Handle Length:4.50″
Handle Material:Delrin
Weight:1 lb. 4.20 oz.
Knife Type:Fixed Blade
Model:Old Timer
Country of Origin:China
Best Use:Everyday Carry
Product Type:Knife

Oh how the mighty have fallen…


  1. I am not above EDC’ing a fixed blade, but more in the range of my 4.5″ Kim Breed. 10″ might be overkill.

  2. Sam L. says:

    Nope, No, and No Way! Huh uh! Never! Not gonna happen!

  3. charlie says:

    I’ve seen several YouTube videos of Schrade blades going against custom made knives by DFS Bladeworks. The Schrades hold up as well as any custom knife and occasionally, way, out perform the higher priced knife.

    1. John m. Trumbull says:

      I will agree, and as a knife maker I can’t produce a knife in that price range. But what I’ve done is strip the Bowie down and use it as a throwing knife. I’ve been able to stick it through several metal trash cans. Even put filework and carbon fiber on one and sold it for $200.

  4. Marc says:

    Country of Origin:China
    Best Use:Everyday Carry

    Really??? That’s like my everyday carry gun is a Ruger Super Redhawk with an 8″ barrel loaded with Chinese ammo… (I know… Chinese don’t make .44 mag)

    1. Roy says:

      Sure, it goes on your belt right next to your Schrade gladius.

  5. g says:

    Is it just me or is that thing ugly?

    Disclaimer: I have a Schrade camp axe with a rubber handle and a fire starter that’s actually pretty handy. I’ve used for chores during camping, can beat the crap out of it and not feel bad.

  6. stuartb says:

    Schrade products cover a really wide range, my model #SCHF14 has proved its worth. It sure looks dumb, but perhaps this novelty item is playing to a different crowd. For $18, it sure would make a great TTAK review, go on, I dare you to buy one and test the ‘carp’ out of it.

  7. Spencer says:

    It sort of resembles the mid-19th century English Bowies in appearance but the metal quality–it is Chinese, you know–must be awful, hence the rock-bottom price. Res ispa loquitur.

  8. AW1Ed says:

    “nameless stainless”
    I was gifted a Perkins Damascus 10 inch blade hunting knife last Christmas. Impressive looking, but completely useless for my needs. I’ll be happy to ship it off for testing, just because.

  9. cmeat says:

    wait, there is a basement in the alamo?

    1. shhh. I’m trying to use the phone

  10. boardsnbikes says:

    Bad steel need homes too!

  11. Edgehill says:

    As someone who carries a large custom Bowie, the element that concerns me the most on this is the fact that it weighs 1.25 pounds and only has a 4.5″ handle. That’s going to put most of the weight well in front of the guard, making this unweildy to swing. Maybe for the woods, but not a fighting knife for sure.

  12. Rich Vail says:

    Damn, that’s disapointing. I used to carry a Schrade lockblade for 20 years (stolen or I’d still have it).

  13. Roger says:

    About two years ago BHQ sent out a survey about how to improve their site. I, along with certainly many others, suggested listing “Best Use/Philosophy of Use” as one of the searchable criteria. Unfortunately they seem to be missing a lot of the function.

  14. gerald brennan says:

    “Best Use:Everyday Carry”
    heh heh heh… good one.

  15. Chris dewit says:

    I bought one just for s**** and giggles holds an edge fairly well for the price I have no regrets at all and I have a whole bunch of Kershaw and SOG blades. it’s ridiculous for every day carry but on a camping trip it’s fun to mess around with.

  16. Yarply Twelve says:

    well I just bought one today, on sale down the street for 10 bucks.
    It took an edge so its not total crud stainless, but of course at 10 inches and being stainless it would probably snap pretty easily.
    I would probably carry it daily but would not want to daily get stared at and maybe arrested in this free country of ours.
    This will make a good gift when the SHTF and a neighbor needs a knife I have a duplicate of but of much much better quality. I think. you get what you pay for, so at 10-20 bucks I won’t complain.

  17. Kave in danm-nely says:

    Well boys, at least there not dead yet. I’v been using scherade ever since I was in the Boy Scouts before it was gay! And I just got the boot knife and I’m very happy with it!!!!

  18. DickStick says:

    I own one of these knives, which, by your own admission, you do not. You are a bloviating asshole gasbag, speaking as an expert on a subject about which you know nothing. These are great knives.

    1. andrea lankford says:

      your right all about knowing nothing about knives is more correct

  19. ^ Do I feed the troll or not? ^

  20. Outlaw says:

    You get what you pay for. I know others say they don’t like the look of it but I really like the look of it. If you need a cheap knife to abuse it could be an option.

  21. James A. Ritchie says:

    This is too sad for words. I carry an Old Timer, but mine is fifty years old now, made in the USA, and it’s a carbon steel blade. There are some good Chinese made knives, but the company that now owns the Schrade/Old Timer/Uncle Henry brand names is nothing but a profit monger. No only do they have no desire to produce quality knives, they specifically order these knives to be made from the cheapest materials the Chinese have available. Even knives under the Schrade name that are made from 1095 steel are junk. As near as I can tell, it’s actually a 1070 steel that hasn’t been properly tempered. This is what’s wrong with too many businesses today.

  22. Thomas Wilson says:

    Here’s the thing, I look at utility and intended usage and I saw this blade at a Sportsman’s Warehouse near Columbia SC and all I can say is that everyone is entitled to their opinion but for my part I think it is the most bang for the buck I have had from a knife purchase in decades. I have spent money in
    this range on Chinese made folders that were out a d out junk! And my take
    is what have we to complain about? Qualitatively speaking it is on a par with
    blades I have spent over $100.00 on and I think the biggest reason that people are feigning buyers remorse is because it was made in China and not the US and didn’t cost an arm and a leg! If you show me a blade with the same quality as a blade costing 75-90% less than many of these overrated
    American brands it’s like “DUH!!!” what is there to think about?

    1. Al says:

      I’ll stick to my Buck General!!!!!

      1. G. G. Bailey says:

        I have old Old Timers made in the USA from 1095 steel and I like them. I have new Old Timers made in China of quality stainless that are good knives. I am of the opinion that the folks who only want knives made in the United States are living in the past. If a knife is good admit it. Knives made by Taylor are good knives. If you want better knives made of American steel in America, pay for them and keep quiet about those of us who find value in quality knives made elsewhere.

  23. andrea lankford says:

    truth is you know little about knives

  24. John F Kennedy says:

    So basically, you know this knife to be shit, without ever actually trying it out ??? ASSume much ?

  25. Shadow says:

    I bought one. It bent the first time I tried to baton some kindling with it. It’s a piece of shit. It might be good for cutting some salami or something, but I wouldn’t trust it for any serious use.

  26. Jay says:

    The knife is worth trying out as a project knife. The editorial, by someone who never tested the knife, and never even handled it, is useless.

  27. James says:

    We have some knife snobs on here. I dont have one but I do from time to time buy cheap knives and while some are terrible, others arent so bad. I received mossy oak fixed blades for Christmas and they sharpened nicely. They have held their edge well too. If i wanted a Bowie, i wouldnt be hesitant to try this one. Usually if it is stainless i can sharpen it. Bowies by their size are only going to appeal to a certain market anyway. But like others have said, dont do a review unless you try it first.

    1. Mark says:

      I agree! Ususally my EDC is a decent inexpensive folder. There’s alot of good ones out there. I got very tired of loosing (or having them grow legs and walking off )
      great but expensive knives. I’ve also been known to knowingly buy POS knives just because I like the look.

  28. Kenn says:

    I just found this site and the “review” from this author on a knife he doesn’t even own (unless you send him a free one to test) is from the depths of ignorance.

  29. Andy says:

    I bought one a couple years ago, when I moved to the farm. This knife stays in my Polaris for odd jobs, for which I find it abundantly adequate. I use it nearly every day, whether to cut vines, chop branches, dig up rocks, etc. It’s a fine knife, especially for < $20…at that price I feel just fine when digging stuff out of rocky soil. I don't intend to put it on display in a case, instead I actually use it.
    For EDC…no.
    For a knife fight…really??? Is anyone really serious about evaluating a knife for that use (well, I guess if you live in the U.K., Illinois or California it would make a little sense). If I'm in a situation like that, I have something else that I carry….

    1. grown up says:

      So this guy brings a knife to a gun fight and….. S.A.xd45. You can fend someone off with a stick or a knife. But do you actually carry a foot long knife for self defense? If the other guy thinks a katana is cool then what?its a TOOL! Of course it can be a weapon .so can a dinner fork. Ccw will win every time.

  30. Glynn says:

    What goof wrote this review? I actually have this knife and this squirrel does not know what he is talking about. The knife is Very sharp when purchased, holds an edge well and is easy to sharpen. It is full tang. I have been very impressed with this in actual field use and hunting. Are all these ” truth about knives” writers tthis clueless??

    1. I second my Associate Editor’s assessment of this knife. Schrade has changed hands and been in and out of solvency the past decade or so and their QC has been suspect. Compared to knives like the BK 29 and other large bowies out there, the Schrade doesn’t measure up.

      I am glad you enjoy yours and it has held up for you. Nothing personal. We just call them like we see them.

      1. Howard says:

        If he nor you actually put one through it’s paces then your opinions are completely non-valid. People came here to get info on this knife and got a clown fart instead. What a joke.

  31. Mike Bodine says:

    As a custom knife maker, I was curious while strolling through Wal-Mart the other day and spoted this knife on sale for $19.95. It was bundled with a small lock blade folder. I have used Schrade knives and found their quality quite good for the price. Anyway, took the knife home and gave it a good once over. Blade was straight, blade to tang fit not too bad. Sharpened it up and gave it the “Will it shave the hair on my arm test”. To my surprise, it did. It sharpened fairly easy. Don’t know how well it will hold an edge with daily use. But, for 20 bucks, I was impressed.

  32. Terry Williamson says:

    I bought this knife last week at Walmart for $9.00 plus tax. It was a close out package along with a lock back folder. I was impressed and went back yesterday and bought three more to give to my friends. My days of buying overpriced knives are pretty much over. The edge needed some work and after about 5 minutes with a sharpening steel, it was fine. The steel is Chinese but the Chinese steel has improved over the past few years.

    1. TO each their own. Personally, if I wanted a blade I could trust completely, I would pony up another $5-10 on a Mora.

  33. Tom says:

    A “review” based on zero information about the knife. How unimpressive. “Guesswork aboutknives.”

  34. Zach W says:

    This post reminds of something Einstein said condemnation without investigation is the height of folly. Thats putting it politely. And while agree with the comments that my grandfather loved these knives and they have since tainted their once great name. I had no problem spending $20 on this knife. I wanted a bowie I could beat the shit out of and not feel like I wasted $160 on it such as the silver stag bowie that snapped in half the first weekend I brought it on the river with me due to improper heat treatment. My uncle is the owner and founder of hibben knives out of Anchorage Alaska and I have been forging for the past few years myself. This knife is very light weight and quick and easy to put a relatively sharp edge on. For the money its a great knife to have under your seat for emergencies, in a bug out bag or a first large knife for an up and comer trying to figure things out. Don’t get on the web and knock a knife you haven’t even held and then ask them to send you one for free.

  35. Aaron Morris says:

    Actually its not a bad bowie, better looking than the Uncle Henry which is identical except for the handle. The steel (7Cr17MoV) that’s the type of stainless steel it has. I’ve abused mine alot and it’s held up to torture and held a good edge, of course it’s not a good ol carbon steel knife, but it’s good enough for me

  36. Alex says:

    This was a useless review

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From the Deepest Depths of Uselessness: Schrade Old Timer Bowie

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