Game of Thrones: Caution Rant


TTAK has never done a post dedicated to Game of Thrones. It has mentioned it a few times but never its own “thing” until now. On the heels of the season 7 finale it is a good time to make this happen.

So here is my serious nerd nit pick that could be a learning moment or just a vent:

The Dothraki

I have nothing against the people or the culture. I think they are an interesting addition to the GoT universe. However . . .

. . . Even n00bs are getting wise to the logistical leaps in the show. People get around “The Realm” way too fast. By people, I mean individuals and whole armies.

Getting a “horde” to function on foreign soil does not work. And when it does work here it means it/they will be pillaging to sustain themselves. That is what they did before they came to Westerous. And killing and pillaging commoners is supposed to be bad and not what Daenerys wants.

The Dothraki are mentioned as if there are this divine wind that no lord can stop. King Robert stated as much. This was Viserys entire plan to retake the throne. Jamie Lannister mentions their vastly superior fighting ability a couple times just in the last few episodes. So here is the magical incantation to beat the Dothraki that no wizard, lord, or commander has yet to figure out:

Form Square

That’s it. If heavy infantry does this against light cavalry (which is what the Dothraki are) it usually wins. This maneuver has been used throughout human history with great success. In fact it has even been hinted at in the GoT universe.

In season one, Jorah Mormont tells Khal Drogo’s right-hand man the weaknesses of Dothraki blades and lack of armor. He then later kills the dude using that information (the guy gets his sword stuck in Jorah’s armor).

In the books (which I have not nor will not read as they are freaking huge) there exists animosity between the Unsullied and the Dothraki as the Unsullied beat the Dothraki in battle centuries ago. The Unsullied are crack infantry troops who use spears. Connection?

There are alot of details in the GoT universe that the creators get right. Its what makes it so bad when they get something wrong. “Yes”, it is a fictional universe and “yes” it is possible that professional military men in that universe have not figured it out. However, I was born in the 20th century and have never been in a battle and yet I somehow know this archaic command and formation. My life does not depend on this kind of stuff but their (fictional) lives do.

So there you have it: (Armor + Pikes)² = Dead Dothraki


  1. Jeff says:

    I don’t even know what this game is or why it is cluttering up the internet. But I’m getting to delete a lot of websites from my visitation list due to this nonsense.

    1. Cubbie says:

      LOL! It’s a TV show.

      Still haven’t seen it.

  2. Cadeyrn says:

    Eh, some of the military tactics are better than others.

    Watching the fantasy equivalent of an A-10 demolish a supply train was kind of epic. So were some of the scenes of defense of The Wall and the Battle of the B@stards.

  3. Sam L. says:

    I have not and will not watch this (or anything else on HBO). But the square, with really long pikes, stops horse charges (hey, FOOL, I ain’t goin’ THERE). The British square had three ranks: shooters, reloaders, and barrel swabbers, IIRC,

  4. Billy says:

    Did you miss where the dragon opened up their lines? No square is going to withstand that.

  5. jackalope says:

    Danerys has clearly NOT figured out the usefulness of air superiority. That rescue on the frozen lake? She immediately created a buffer zone to protect the Snow group. Good move. After that she should have strafed the massed ice zombie forces with all 3 dragons until they had nothing left to burn. Didn’t do it. Too bad. She will never have a better chance.

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Game of Thrones: Caution Rant

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