George Zimmerman Detained For Pulling A Knife On His Estranged Wife


George Zimmerman just loves the limelight, doesn’t he? Most of us go through our whole lives without ever being arrested, rescuing people from an overturned car or killing someone in self-defense, but Zimmerman can’t go more than a few weeks without police contact.

Nobody cares about his speeding ticket, which is why we didn’t blog it, but it’s a little different when he allegedly pulls a knife (and then a gun) on his estranged wife Shellie. You know, the same Shellie Zimmerman who was just sentenced for perjury for lying to the court about the Zimmerman family finances.

Her lawyer Kelly Sims told ABC News that Zimmerman pulled a knife on Shellie after she found a gun in the house, and then pulled a gun during an argument with Shellie and her father.

Don’t worry; TTAK isn’t turning into Court TV, and we won’t be following this story too closely. I’m sure Nancy Grace will take care of that, as soon as she can trowel on her war paint and start shrieking into a television camera.



  1. Matt in FL says:

    “…as soon as she can trowel on her war paint and start shrieking into a television camera.”

    Thanks for the mental image. I laughed, and then I cringed.

  2. S_J says:

    I’m not gonna get into the GZ vs. TM thing anymore, the verdict was rendered and what’s done is done. But goddamn this guy is an IDIOT. I realize the media spotlight on Zimmerman is tiresome and needs to stop but none of his actions since the trial have done him any favors. What part of “lay low” do you not f–king understand?!

    1. Out_Fang_Thief says:

      Easy does it there S_J, try walking a few paces in Zimmerman’s shoes. He just finished a year-long struggle to be acquitted of 2nd degree murder, for which he was rightly exonerated, while in the process, had to live in a secret location, cut off from a world. A world that was nearly in agreement against him that he was guilty of stalking TM and killing him in cold blood. Add to that the unending death threats against him and his entire family. Then, he’s lucky/unlucky enough to be in the right/wrong place at the right/wrong time, to help rescue a family involved in a car accident, which is immediately labeled a cheap PR stunt by the liberal-Left. Eric Holder’s DoJ has, for no legal reason whatsoever, assumed possession of George’s firearm, for a bogus civil rights investigation that can’t be used. To top it off, he had the president of the U.S. personally involve himself by making a cheap irresponsible jury-tampering remark about race, from of all places, the White House. Now he just learns that his wife is divorcing him.

      He’s living in a world now, where more people want to see him dead, than want to see him alive. I doubt that anyone can fully comprehend what this man must be going through. What must it be like to know that you have been used and exploited in every way that one can be, as a sacrificial racial pawn manipulated by the very party, and the candidate you supported? In fact, given what has happened to him, I consider it a small miracle that he hasn’t killed himself. There are people out there, right now, hoping and praying that he does. You think George doesn’t know and feel their hate?

      Meanwhile, poor Trayvon’s absentee parents are hobnobbing with the black and shameless and making large bank on all the Trayvon licensing agreements for caps, hoodie’s, and mugs bearing the image of their dead wannabe gangsta, hoodlum son, all over the WORLD. What makes this obscene beyond comprehension is, the image of Trayvon is being used to promote the vile message that George Zimmerman got away with a race inspired murder. Take a moment to think about that. That’s as close to a “Wanted: Dead or Alive” poster that this country has seen since the old West or the day’s of Elliot Ness’ “Ten Most Wanted.” George Zimmerman; who is a free man acquitted by a jury of his peers, is being exploited, and is going to continue to be promoted, and remembered in the minds of the ignorant millions, as the white(Hispanic) guy who got away with the murder of an innocent 12 year old black boy. Other than that, and the just announced divorce, George’s life is just hunky-dory. No worries, mate.

      I don’t know about you S_J, but I’m going to cut George a little slack. Not for breaking any laws, but for being angry, violated, and confused. I only wish I could say with some certainty that I would be doing better were I in George’s shoes.

  3. Mark N. says:

    Except that it seems he didn’t threaten his wife with a weapon at all…and I am none too surprised that his convicted perjurer wife lied about it. And she was angry that she found a gun in the house? Huh? Didn’t Buckeye Firearms Owners Association just by him (at least) one? Umhmm. Sounds like a wife trying to get an advantage in the property division hearings yet to come. She seems to have this thing about money–and having it. George has been such a disappointment to her.

  4. Sam L. says:

    I’m mistrusting the wife, too.

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George Zimmerman Detained For Pulling A Knife On His Estranged Wife

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