Get Your Kid’s First Knife Absolutely Free

Update 2/17/2015: After accepting 4000 orders in just a couple of days, KSF have paused the Knives For Kids program for now, but have started a waiting list. If you want to contribute to the program, they have set up a page here where you can give in $5 increments.

KnivesShipFree has been on a kick recently on the subject of first knives for kids, posting a series of very informative videos on the subject. Now, as KSF owner Derrick Bohn says in the video above, they are making an offer that you can’t refuse.

If you are about to give your child their first knife, KSF would like to send you a Buck 285 Bantam with their name laser engraved on the blade, absolutely free. That is a personalized, US made, locking folder, shipped to your door without even paying for shipping and handling. Check out the details here.


  1. Just ordered one! thanks for the heads up. It says they are out of them now, but will be filling them as they come in.

  2. matth says:

    that’s a great initiative ! it’s time the new generation get used to the oldest tool in the book

  3. DanV says:

    That’s a really cool thing for a company to do. My son is only 16 months old so I don’t feel right about taking advantage of the deal seeing as he isn’t nearly old enough yet.

  4. Via KSF’s Facebook page, the program is paused for now. I have updated the post to reflect this.

    “Well…our big Knives for Kids giveaway is paused for now. There are going to be 4000 new knife lovers out there in just a couple weeks.

    I am not sure what the program will look like when it re-opens, but we have started a waiting list for those who want to get in line early.

    Details to follow soon.”

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Get Your Kid’s First Knife Absolutely Free

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