Dove Season


This is a legit post. There is a knife in it. (Caleb White Penance)

After getting in a discussion on our Instagram page (@knifetruth) about testing the Fish and Fowl by Woody’s Handmade Knives, it dawned on me, “Hey, you could sneak out to go dove hunting after dropping the kids off at school (Thing 1 just went back tuesday, so I am only 2 days late in realizing it). Maybe I can bag a couple of doves to test out some blades. I am shamefully out of practice, but it beats working.

When this post goes live, I ought to just be pulling into Forks of the River WMA.  This 1000 acre Wildlife Management Area is owned by the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency despite lying within Knoxville city limits. It is part of the “Urban Wilderness” system of bike and walking trails, but for several months of the year  it is open to dove, deer, and turkey hunting. There are fields planted on a rotating basis to provide food and shelter for wildlife.

For the majority of the year all the trails are open, but all of the hippies get pissed off when they are forced off the trails for part of the day sometimes, and forced to use the 100s of miles of other trails and let the hunters use that which their tax dollars and license fees pay for.

In fact several years ago anti-hunters spread corn on all the trails so hunting had to be closed because this was considered bait. Never mind it was next to sunflower and corn fields that were planted for that express purpose.



I couldn’t find a link, but I will look again tomorrow when I post an update. Hopefully with a few dead birds.


  1. Mike L says:

    Sir, you just can’t post a photo and not id the equipment that is laid out on the table ! Heresy !!

  2. Sam L. says:

    Not heresy; LAZY.

  3. Knife: Caleb White Penance
    Gun: Remington 870 12ga
    Hat: Filson
    Shell Bag: Tamrac
    Vest:Browning Mesh
    Gun Case: Orvis Battenkill
    Ammo:Winchester Super X #7.5

    Really? That is what you wanted from this post? 🙂

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Dove Season

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