Good Samaritan slashed assisting security guard under assault

Studio City, Ca   A possible suspect in the stabbing at Gelsons Market at Laurel Canyon Bl and Riverside Dr this morning is taken to a waiting ambulance. He is handcuffed to the gurney.      He and  young female were suspected of stabbing at least one man at the famous market.

The suspect was also cut in the altercation and transported to the hospital. (photo via LA Daily News)

An unnamed elderly man came to the rescue of a security guard at a Los Angeles area grocery store. The guard had been attempting to stop a couple from stealing juice from the store when the situation escalated.


Before officers arrived, the Gelson’s security guard tried to stop a woman from stealing an item in the store, Tsap said. The female suspect then called for help from her boyfriend, who charged at the security officer, Tsap said.

The good Samaritan intervened to try to protect the security officer, and a fight ensued.

“In that fight, the bystander got slashed with a knife,” Tsap explained, adding that the good Samaritan is “going to be OK.”

The man was transported to the hospital. The male suspect sustained cuts to his hand during the scuffle and was also taken to an area hospital.

Tsap said police arrived as the “struggle was still going on” and that detectives would figure out specific charges for the couple later.

The officer described the good Samaritan’s actions as a “very heroic thing. … He might have saved the (security officer’s) life.”



Good on him.

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Good Samaritan slashed assisting security guard under assault

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