GOT Star has real-life knife skills

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I am a basic-cable Luddite. If it weren’t for live sports, I would have ditched it entirely. So I haven’t seen Game of Thrones. The only two actors I know from the show are Sean Bean (I love the Sharpes movies) and the little-person who was also in Elf. So I do not know who Maisie Williams is, but the Twittersphere is agog over her real life knife skills.


Game of Thrones season 7 has shown a massive growth in the character of the youngest Stark girl, with Arya finally utilizing the skills she almost died learning in past seasons. With this growth comes new opportunities for the character to face off against the most revered warriors in the realm, including the legendary Brienne of Tarth. This behind the scenes video shows the two actresses in rehearsal, and man does it make a Thrones fan’s heart flutter.



Here is more behind the scenes footage, including a longer sequence leading to the move above.

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GOT Star has real-life knife skills

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