Governor Walker signs Wisconsin Switchblade/Preemption Bill


Governor Walker signing AB 142, legalizing automatics and making Wisconsin a preemption state. (photo from Trigger Control LLC via Facebook)

First I want to thank all of our TTAK readers who alerted me to the fact that Governor Walker signed A.B.142, legalizing switchblades and making Wisconsin the 10th state to enact knife-law preemption. My phone blew up at dinner tonight with emails and messages to our Facebook Page, as well as a text from a buddy who will hopefully soon become a TTAK writer if I can get him out of the tree-stand.

From Milwaukee Journal Sentinel:

Walker signed the bill during an appearance in Weston at the annual state convention of the National Rifle Association and Wisconsin Firearm Owners, Ranges, Clubs, and Educators Inc. (FORCE). The convention is taking place in Weston, near Wausau.

“Wisconsin citizens have the fundamental right to defend themselves and feel safe and secure in their homes and we remain committed to protecting those rights,” the governor said in a prepared statement…

…Backers have said the bill would clarify state laws that define some ordinary-looking modern pocketknives as illegal switchblades. The bill was amended to allow municipalities to enact bans in courthouses and other public buildings.


Governor Walker poses with Knife Rights Chairman and a representative of Trigger Control LLC pose with a now legal switchblade.

This is great news for everyone who lives and works in the state of Wisconsin. Switchblade legalization is great, but knife-law preemption is the crown jewel. No longer will folks be confronted by a dizzying array of arbitrary local knife restrictions.

Our congratulations and gratitude go out to Doug, Todd, Sue and the rest of the folks at Knife Rights who put forth a Herculean effort, year after year, state after state, and they deserve our thanks. I am aware that the folks at Trigger Control LLC, a Wisconsin 2A advocacy and firearms training group had a hand in this as well, and I will pass along any specifics that I come across.

One issue of note that I will clarify at the earliest opportunity: I was unable to determine if there is an effective date or if the bill goes into effect immediately. The picture above shows Doug and the Governor not getting arrested, so I will tentatively say things are good.

For the record…my buddy also works full time+ and has a newborn at home.  But c’mon man…priorities.  


  1. Sam L. says:

    I’m guessing Madison and Milwaukee are mightily miffed. I see Prof. Althouse has no comments as yet.

    1. Imp says:

      Hardly a representative sample, but I’m sitting in Madison with a big grin, for what it’s worth.

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Governor Walker signs Wisconsin Switchblade/Preemption Bill

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