Granny vs. Knife: Should have been a Defensive Shillelagh Use


72 Year-Old Margaret Saunders defied demands to hand over lotto scratchers, instead shooing this would-be robber out the door.

72-year-old Belfast pensioner Margaret Saunders was minding her son’s convenience store when a young hoodlum demanded she hand over lottery tickets and proceeded to brandish what looks to be a 10″ carving knife when she did not comply.

“My mum was just down in the shop having a cup of tea at the time. She thought it was a joke to begin with then she quickly realised it was much more serious.”

Mrs Saunders told the man to leave the shop and tried to shoo him out the door.

“After about 10 seconds the guy pulled the knife out, which to me looked more like a sword than a knife,” added Mr Saunders.

“It was huge. He swung at her twice.

“That changed the whole scenario.

“She was very, very lucky because this guy could have cut the hand off her.”

It is unclear from the article what caused the suspect to flee after she did challenged him. I guess you can attribute it to the old adage that “Stabbers don’t show, and showers don’t stab”. The perp was obviously expecting a different reaction from a little Irish Grandma. When events did not match his vision, he panicked and fled. It would have made quite the story if she had driven him off with a shillelagh. It’s a shame, because the CCTV footage might have broken the internet.


  1. “Shillelagh love was all the rage and a row and eruption soon began…”

    I have had that line from Finnegan’s Wake stuck in my head since beginning to write this post.

  2. Mike L says:

    Yes a shillelagh indeed. Anyone who has watched an Irish Hurling match will understand that a chunk a wood is something that needs to be age restricted, licensed, registered and only allowed to be taken outside in public on days the authorities deem necessary.

    1. Mike L says:

      Just a quick video of Hurling match. Focus on how fast someone can handle a chunk of wood. Notice the blood also LOL…fyi I go back to before they started wearing those damn silly helmets.

      Tipperary VS Kilkenny Hurling Final 2011 Referee Injured

      1. I played D-III Lacrosse at Kenyon. Hurling makes lacrosse look tame.

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Granny vs. Knife: Should have been a Defensive Shillelagh Use

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