[Graphic Video] : Jihadi Car/Knife Attack in Edmonton

A Somali refugee in Edmonton, Alberta has been charged with 5 counts of attempted murder, following a pair of vehicular attacks and the stabbing of a police officer. Like this weekend’s Marseille attack this has been eclipsed (understandably) by the massacre in Las Vegas.

From CNBC.com:

The officer was patrolling a road southwest of the Commonwealth football stadium. At that time, a male driving a white Chevrolet Malibu crashed through the traffic barricades that were separating vehicles from pedestrians at high speed.

The officer was hit and went flying 15 feet through the air, the Edmonton Police Service (EPS) said in a statement.

A male, believed to be 30 years of age, got out of his vehicle and began stabbing the officer with a knife. The attacker then fled, and the officer was taken to hospital.

Later on Saturday just before midnight, a U Haul truck was pulled over on Wayne Gretzky Drive and 112 Avenue in Edmonton. An officer asked to see the driver’s license and recognized the name as being similar to the registered owner of the Chevy Malibu involved in the earlier incident.

The truck driver then immediately fled the scene, but police officers pursued it as the driver deliberately attempted to hit pedestrians. The EPS said four civilians were hit by the truck and taken to hospital with multiple injuries.

The U-Haul truck eventually flipped over, and the driver was taken into police custody.

Police believe the two incidents are related and said they are being investigated as “acts of terrorism.”

No one is arguing that a semi or fully-automatic firearm of sufficient caliber is not an efficient means of committing mass murder. That said, a depraved individual can cause unspeakable carnage with any number of items of legitimate purpose.

While there were no fatalities in this attack, and only two in the case of Marseille, blades, vehicles, and fertilizer have all been used to amass death tolls higher than that of the Las Vegas attack.

Scores of people were killed in a single machete-attack in the Democratic Republic of Congo last year. During the Rwandan genocide, thousands of people were hacked to death, hundreds in a single attack.

The Nice, France vehicular attack killed 86.

Timothy McVeigh killed 168 people with a truck full of fertilizer. (the Vegas attacker had ammonia nitrate in his car)

Let us not forget that box-cutters were a key component of the 9-11 attacks, which killed more than 3,000.

As they say, “it isn’t the caliber of weapon, rather the caliber of person that matters most”.



  1. Brad Griffin says:

    I’m sorry, but one man shooting 500 people from a 32nd floor window is completely different to one, or even a hundred people attacking people with a machete. Of course, both types of attack are terrorism by definition. In respect to this video, why didn’t the bystanders stop this nutter?

    1. I agree that the machete attacks are apples and oranges in many regards.

      Nice would be the best example of weapon using a dual-use item in a way that would be equally impossible to prevent.

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[Graphic Video] : Jihadi Car/Knife Attack in Edmonton

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