Great Design Meets Terrible Design: Carbide-Toothed ‘Jaws’ Sharpener

You’ve got to give Progaganda major props for the brilliant industrial design of this Jaws-themed knife sharpener, even if you’d never dream of running a real knife through its carbide-toothed maw.

Touching up a dull knife on a carbide sharpener is kind of like fixing your car by pouring a can of STP into the oil: it might seem to work a little better (for a while) but you know you’re secretly ruining it.

So this 29 Euro kitchen gadget can stay on the far side of the pond for all I care. But if Spyderco Sharpmakers looked this cool, my wife would beg me to buy one. And she wouldn’t even mind when I left it out on the counter.



  1. Aharon says:

    Modern America: fluff before substance, personality before character, cozy lies before harsh truths, appearance before practicality. When I do purchase a sharpener it will be the Spyderco kit.

  2. Out_Fang_Thief says:

    This is definitely for non-knife fanatics. I’ve met a lot people who have less, or no worthwhile sharpening aid at all. This is a clever design, but too limited for serious edge maintenance. People who buy from this place are buying the design more than the function. In fact, that’s a large audience of consumers. I started with the basic sharpener like this, but then I discovered that there were better options. First it was the Arkansas whetstones, then I found the Lansky, and now I’ve got the Apex Edge Pro. We all have to start somewhere.

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Great Design Meets Terrible Design: Carbide-Toothed ‘Jaws’ Sharpener

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