Guest Post: Field-dressing wild game

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Field-dressing wild game. 

By Mitchell Wood

Wild game produces high-quality meat which makes it popular. However, you should follow the proper field dressing protocol to protect both the meat and yourself.

If you want to improve the quality of your meat, you may want to know deer processing cost. The charges might depend on how much meat from a deer. Although there are different ways of dressing game meat, the equipment is the same.

Regardless of the procedure that you follow, you should ensure the final results a clean, well-dressed game. Whether you are hunting for fun, to get food for your family or commercial purposes, field dressing game is an important procedure. Even if your deer is headed to the processor.


What are some of the equipment that you need for field dressing game?

· Sharp knife – A sharp, sturdy knife will deliver good results. You may want a knife that has a

large handle to prevent accidents.

· Steel for sharpening – You may want to sharpen the knife while dressing a large animal like a


· Nylon cord or rope – This will help you in case you want to hang animal while dressing or


· Plastic storage bags – The storage bags will come in handy if you want to transport some

internal organs after dressing.

· Plastic gloves – At times you might want to wear plastic gloves to prevent the risk of getting

infections when dressing your deer.

· Clean water – You might want to clean hands or part of the carcass while dressing and before



Filed Dressing Game

The process of dressing game largely depends on the size of the animal. But you will realize that

some steps are the same for deer, rabbit, and bird. Dressing the animal immediately is important

because it prevents foul smell and increases the ease of transportation. Dressing the animal

immediately will also improve the quality of your game and prevent bacteria from growing on

the animal’s body. It’s advisable to wear gloves when dressing the animal. If you don’t have

gloves, you can wash your hands before and after dressing the game.


Process of Dressing

Place the animal legs apart in a sloppy position. The head should be positioned on the sloppy

side. Alternatively, you can use the rope to tie the deer’s legs to a tree. This process will open the

carcass for quick and easy dressing. Ensure the carcass is positioned on its back.

The process is always different for male and female animals. If you shot a buck, you should cut

the sex organs carefully and leave the scrotum for sex identification. This process might vary

based on the rules in your state. For females, just use the knife to cut the udder. You should be

careful not to leave a large hole in the abdominal region. A small hole is the best because it

prevents dirt and other contaminants from entering the carcass.


Now it’s time to remove the intestines. Use the knife to cut the along the midline from the

bottom of the animal to the breastbone. You can make the cut by holding the skin and muscles

together. You will use one hand to hold the knife, and the free hand will pull the muscle layer up.

Once you make a big cut, you can insert your hand into the opening below the breastbone.

Make sure to hold the sharp part of the knife facing up to prevent puncturing the intestines.

Remember puncturing the intestines can contaminate your meat with food bacteria. In this

process, you should prevent the animal’s fur, whole or dirt from finding its way into your meat.

It’s advisable to clean the knife often between cuts to prevent contaminating the meat. Use the

clean water to wash the knife before making the next cut.


Now make a cut around the anus. If you shot a female animal, you can cut the vulva. Loosen the

anus so that it’s free from the rest of the meat. Make sure to hold the anus or vulva tightly to

prevent feces from contaminating the meat. You can use a simple rubber band to tie the anus.

Carefully pull the anus and the internal organs. In case you have troubles removing the

intestines, roll the carcass over. At times the internal organs might fail to come out because they

are attached inside the body cavity.


Use the knife to loosen the internal organs for quick and easy removal. After removing the

internal organs, you can separate the heart, liver from the rests of the organs. You may wash

these organs and place them in a plastic bag ready for transportation.


Insert your hand into the cavity and cut the diaphragm to free chest or rib cage. You might

consider removing the gullet and windpipe from the carcass by cutting them from the chest

cavity. It’s good to remove these parts because they may compromise the quality of your game



If you don’t to cut the gullet and windpipe; you can insert your hand into the cavity and pull

them out. However, pulling these parts might be more work. You might wonder how much meat

from a deer can be gotten. You will enough meat for your purpose.


Finishing The Dressing Process

Now you have finished dressing your game meat. But it’s good to improve its quality further.

Use the clean water to clean the cavity. You will see excess blood that is left on the animal’s

body while dressing. Use the clean water, clean all the visible dirt, feces, fur, hair or bloodshot

on the animal’s body.


Now hang the carcass to dry the water inside the cavity. You can also use a dry towel paper to

dry the cavity. Rinse the cavity of the thoroughly to ensure no dirt material is left. Avoid using

dirty water that is found in the forest such as a pond or stream water. Drying the carcass

thoroughly is good to prevent excess moisture that might encourage the growth of bacteria.

You can be innovative to increase air circulation which will aid the drying process. Leaving the

animal in the sun for some time after dressing can be a good idea. If you have a freezer, you can

simply package the carcass immediately.



You might want to skin the animal after dressing. Skinning the animal immediately after

dressing is simple. Make a cut down around each leg toward the middle of the carcass. Next cut

the skin around the neck. Grab the skin with both hands tightly and pull down hard. The skin will

come off. In case the skin sticks in some parts, use the knife to remove it.


Author Bio:

Hello and welcome to my blog. I am Mitchell founder of MusketHunting. Here at Musket Hunting, I provide guides on how to

hunt effectively, answer reader’s questions, and review the latest hunting gear. Hunting will give you the experience that nothing else in

this world can provide.


  1. cmeat says:

    this reads like it was translated from the serbian. sentence two contains “…how much meat from a deer” which launched my brain into how do you get down from an elephant mode. some really good fundamental practices are explained here, a little editing might clear up some awkward phrasing.
    now everybody at deer camp is going to want a deep freeze.
    i’ll checkout the blog. i could know much more about muskets.
    thank you mitchell for sharing this.

  2. cmeat says:

    you guys are nicer people than i am. this contains internet gold.

    “But the question is: How? What are good ways to get deer to come near your area for a better hunting experience? This is where turnips come along. If you’re wondering when to plant turnips for deer, then read on!”

    i admit that this is not something i was wondering about.

    “Planting turnips are very easy. Simply rake your chosen ground, the size depending on some seeds you have.”


  3. stuartb says:

    cmeat – the internets are for you all today long

    1. cmeat says:

      your comment is something that up with which i will not put, as nana used to say sternly.

  4. John Carter says:

    This for your great information. It’s really help me on my hunting trips.

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Guest Post: Field-dressing wild game

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