Guest Post: The weapons of Batman vs. Superman (some spoilers)

Editor’s note: David W. is long-time reader of TTAK and even contributed a review of the Estwig Black Eagle Tomahawk for our Reader Essay Contest. He sent me a head’s up about the weapons in the new Batman vs. Superman movie, and frankly the subject is so far out of my wheelhouse I asked him to write a guest piece for me. I vaguely remember the Justice League cartoons on Saturday morning as a kid, but I have never seen a single superhero movie ever. Not one. 

So without further ado…

Batman v Superman Weapons Extravaganza (spoilers)

by David W.

The first installment of what looks like a promising movie franchise kicked off awhile ago and it is a juggernaut. Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is near the one billion mark but that is not our concern. We care about the gear, which is considerably better than the storyline.
Let it be known that this incarnation of the Caped Crusader boasts what could arguably be the coolest Batmobile yet. Ditto for the Batwing. Batman uses cartridge based weapons (yes Batman with a gun) but this is TTAK . . . and blades there are. 

Compulsary Batarang (Batman’s version of shuriken) are present. Those never get old. Batman also creates the weapon that saves the day: a spear with a kryptonite head.
A reproduction of Alexander the Great’s sword is shown. It is a fake (you learn that in the dialogue) but it is a possible teaser for a future storyline. We get a glimpse of springboards for other potential movies related to this Justice League franchise as well. We see Poseidon, I mean Aquaman, with trident in tow. Two other characters are shown thus bolstering the “metahuman thesis“. 
The bladed eye candy of the hour belongs to Wonder Woman portrayed by actress Gal Gadot. She is fierce. So much so, I have purposely overlooked the girl power motif that is laid on rather thick in this movie. By fierce, I mean ridiculously good-looking in a Zoolander kind of way. She is an apologetic argument for the existence of God. Oh yeah, she has a sword & shield. She has a lasso too but Wonder Woman’s lasso always was, and still is, lame.
Early Iron Age weapons, plus some cool modern ones, make for a movie that is watchable, despite a story that is found wanting. So Redbox or stream this movie that is 10.00 or more in the theaters. Because few movies are worth an Alexander Hamilton – this one included. 


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    What steel for a Batarang?

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Guest Post: The weapons of Batman vs. Superman (some spoilers)

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