Gun Control? Knife Control? Car Control?

The UCSB spree killing over the weekend is no longer breaking news. I haven’t looked today, but I am sure the cable news channels are all over it still. I have seen the Kabuki theater before, and I would rather spend time watching my kids than follow the intractable garbage that will be spewed at the RTKBA.

From the bit that I have been following online though, it looks like the hoplophobic left will have to wait (again. still.) for their angry gun-toting tea-party spree killer. And there is the inconvenient truth that not only was this guy a looney-tune loser who channeled his sexual frustration into violence, but that he used whatever tools were at hand at the moment to attack his victims. Before he shot and killed several people, he had killed his 3 roomates with either a knife or machetes, or even possibly a hammer. And after the shooting, he ran down at least 2 bicyclists with his BMW. It seems as if evil does not care about the perpetrator’s choice of tool.

The left is already trying to obfuscate the narrative as usual. I have read pieces trying to spin the perpetrator as a “disgruntled white boy“, or attacking traditional notions of masculinity. They have attacked guns and the NRA. But they don’t want to focus on years of mental illness.

From the UK Telegraph:

“She telephoned her husband Peter Rodger, assistant director of the Hunger Games films, from whom she is divorced. He was out to dinner but they both began racing from Los Angeles to Isla Vista in separate cars. Both heard details of the massacre on their car radios.

Simon Astaire, a family friend, said their son had been seeing therapists since the age of eight, including virtually “every day” while at high school.

He said: “What more could they have done? They are going through indescribable grief dealing with the loss of their son. His parents were conscious and concerned about their son’s health. They thought he was in good hands.”

Mr Astaire said Rodger, who was believed to have Asperger’s but had not been diagnosed, was “reserved to a daunting degree” and “fundamentally withdrawn”, but seemed to have “no affinity to guns whatsoever”.

Other friends of Peter Rodger said he was “heartbroken” and “did everything he could”, including engaging top specialists, but his son turned his back on therapy as an adult and refused to take medication.

Police visited him at the Capri on April 30 after being alerted by his mother to disturbing videos on YouTube. But officers had not watched the videos and did not search the apartment.

Mr Astaire said: “That was a pivotal moment, in hindsight. It was pivotal because the apartment was full of guns.”

Again with the guns…(never mind that fact the shootings took place in a “gun free zone”). This fixation on the tools instead of the operator is itself pathological. Whether it is a knife, a gun, a car, or even a bomb, you will never run out of things to ban.


***Editor’s Note. I broke with our usual post formatting in skipping a photo, I just didn’t feel like looking at the little puke.  The sooner the universe forgets this waste of life existed, the better.


  1. GC says:

    It doesn’t really matter that they’ll never run out of things to ban. The interest is only in those things that can be turned into a trendy cause to provide a rush of moral superiority – and for that you need to make that thing seem terrifying. It isn’t easy to give an evil-sounding name to a hammer or a tire iron.

  2. 2hotel9 says:

    It has already come out that he was raising red flags his entire life, and no one took the needed actions to insure he DID NOT become a killer.

    Time to start holding “mental health” professionals responsible for the sh*t they allow to happen. This little a$$hole’s “doctors” knew what he was, and they REFUSED to take any action to stop it. And now they will be screeching at the top of their lungs for gun bans instead of reporting the people that they KNOW are a danger to innocent citizens.

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Gun Control? Knife Control? Car Control?

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