Gun Control Leads To Knife Control. Ask China. Ask Britain.

Chinese ‘Police’

Civilian disarmament doesn’t end with guns. As we’ve covered extensively, the U.K.’s gun control hysteria has metastasized into an absurd and comprehensive phobia against the carry of almost any kind of edged tool. Even a Swiss Army Knife can land a Septic like you in prison over there, so leave it home, right?

Now, to the surprise of absolutely nobody anywhere, the Chinese government is rounding up and confiscating knives from residents of the unstable province of Xinjiang. This comes after months of ethnic unrest, including massacres of police and civilians by gangs of knife-wielding Muslim Uighurs.

From Fox News:

Police in China’s restive far west have announced that they are confiscating long knives, explosives and guns — and also computers and cellphones containing “terrorist” material — as the government tightens controls on the region after recent unrest.

The order was issued Tuesday by the public security bureau of Xinjiang.

Police also are offering rewards of up to $16,300 for information on terrorist activity that helps solve major terror crimes or leads to the arrest of terror suspects.

It says those who knowingly shelter, protect or help “violent terrorist criminals” will be prosecuted.

Bloody clashes in Xinjiang (shihn-jeeahng) over the last several months have killed more than 50 people. It has long been home to a simmering rebellion against Chinese rule among parts of the Uighur (WEE’-gur) population.

If anyone tells you ‘yeah, but the US isn’t China,’ go ahead and remind them that neither was Britain. Anybody who says there is no ‘slippery slope’ of civilian disarmament is delusional, stupid, or lying.


  1. Aharon says:

    Chris, you are dead-on with pointing out the realities of the slippery slope. How many Europeans, back in 1930, correctly imagined what Europe would experience by 1945? Slippery slopes are too painful for most people to imagine.

    The overall trend in America and westernized nations is to disarm the population, and to expand the police state while reducing individual liberties. Fortunately, in America at least, we are seeing push-back against government over-reach in seeking to limit self-defense tools. However, that might be only a short-lived generational trend being eventually overwhelmed by new expanding social values and attitudes among the growing populations of the nations demographic groups that would more welcome the idea of a security-nanny state.

  2. Out_Fang_Thief says:

    What happened to the Chi-com’s, are they getting soft or somthin’?
    This is usually where they would black out news from the region and do
    the unpleasant Uighur cleansing. It’s much easier to disarm them when
    they’re dead. The U.N. would offer a feeble protest, the Western nations
    not much better, and life would get back to normal. Confiscating knives
    and weapons and such, from actual living breathing people. Hold on pal!
    Who are you, and what did you do with Communist China. Why are they
    acting like they’re worried about all the bad PR they’ll get from CNN?

  3. TZH says:

    well in the Philippines our genius Philippine National Police Director General Alan Purisima started banning the sale of HAMMERS in shopping malls and groceries because of a string of hammer-related robberies that they can’t seem to solve even with CCTV footage.

    And wait, there’s more: they’ve also banned wearing sunglasses and hats inside these places.

    The good news is that nobody takes these seriously and some malls are still selling these innocent tools.


    here’s the link if its cool with the admin:

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Gun Control Leads To Knife Control. Ask China. Ask Britain.

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