Gunny Ermey has passed away

gunny Ermey has passed

Movie icon and giant of the Second Amendment community, R. Lee Ermey passed away this morning. He was 74.

The public at large knows him as the Drill Sergeant in Full Metal Jacket. History Channel fans further knew him as host of the long running series Mail Call. Knife people also know him as a public face of SOG and then Ka-Bar Knives and an advocate for the knife industry and an early public supporter of Knife Rights.


I reached out to Doug Ritter of Knife Rights who sent me the following statement (which has also been posted to Knife Rights FB page.

“R. Lee “The Gunny” Ermey was an incredible human being, one of the warmest and nicest gentlemen you’d ever want to meet. I will cherish having known and worked with him.

He was a staunch Knife Rights supporter who said of this organization, “I whole-heartedly endorse the work of Knife Rights and support their mission! I detest the fact that such an organization is even necessary in the United States of America.”

He will be sorely missed. Semper Fi, Gunny. RIP

Doug’s sentiment is echoed by the handful of people I have spoken with who knew Ermey. The news was originally thought to be a hoax, but that unfortunately is not the case. I apologize to followers of our Facebook page who saw me announce it earlier, and then walk it back, only to confirm it now.

Requiescat in Pace Gunny.  Thank you for your service to our Country and our Second Amendment.

Semper Fi! Carry on.


Statement from KA-BAR via Facebook:

R. Lee Ermey was so much more than a character in movies and television shows. I think he would tell you first and foremost he is a Marine. Those that know him would tell you he is a caring, intelligent, thoughtful, and generous man who lived each day the right way. He loved talking and interacting with you, whether that was signing autographs and taking pictures at trade shows, answering questions via video, or signing KA-BAR’s for us to give away. We will miss him tremendously and will always remember The Gunny.


  1. Sam L. says:

    Company, ATTENTION!
    Company, Dismissed.

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Gunny Ermey has passed away

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