H & K Scorch: The “Stealth Switchblade”

Depending on the state, possession of a fully-automatic knife can get you into a whole heap of trouble. Is this a problem? Although I’m not a knife fighter by nature (or experience) I reckon a switchblade doesn’t offer a significant tactical advantage over a slick inertia-based opening system—in the hands of a practiced owner. That said, I carry a gun, as well as a knife. My blade is a back-up safety system. So if I’m going that way, I’m gonna need to go there fast. The magical appearance of a sharp blade with a significant snick makes for a nice bit of security theater, perhaps even intimidation. Automatic knife, folding knife. Why choose?

The Heckler & Koch Scorch presents its N680 blade (a relatively inexpensive nitrogen steel known for corrosion resistance) via a standard thumb stud or full auto. Unless you know exactly what you’re looking at the Scorch looks like a locking liner.

Heck & Koch Scorch (courtesy The Truth About Knives)

Now how much would you pay? The Benchmade-made tactical practical H&K Scorch retails for $165. I’ve seen ’em for $115.

If you consider discretion the better part of valor, the Scorch is smokin’. If you know what I mean. [NB: It’s a restricted item but not unavailable.]


  1. Luke H. says:

    A nice knife, just picked one up. I got it to go with my Lone Wolf Diablo D/A, which is what this knife really is. When Benchmade bought out Lone Wolf the Diablo became this. Benchmade cost cutting is evidenced in the lowered the steel quality – the Lone Wolf version was S30V. But as Robert noted you can’t argue with the $115 price (the Lone Wolf version was closer to $300). I do like how the HK Scorch is all black, the Diablo had a bare stainless liner.

    I have had my Diablo for 5 years now and twice the catch that holds the spring in place broke but Lone Wolf replaced it for free. I’m hoping Benchmade improved on the design in that aspect.

    I still love playing the “no it’s not an automatic game” with buddies – snap it open automatically but in a way they can’t see what you did, then close it and hand it to them and bet them they can’t open it in auto. No one has figured it out yet.

    1. Out_Fang_Thief says:

      It’s disappointing, but true. Benchmade bought out Lone Wolf.
      Mostly, it now seems, to eliminate the competition, and secure the
      D/A design for themselves. That’s what I call vulture capitalism.
      I have the Lobo and its craftsmanship is excellent. The Lobo did
      replace my Benchmade AFO. Something that previously I thought
      was next to impossible to do. I managed to scrounge another Lobo
      on the Internet, but had to pay $235.00. I bought my first Lobo for $180.00, but that was 10 years ago. It was worth the price I paid.
      Its non-tactical look doesn’t attract the attention of the law.
      A silver blade says civilian. A black blade, well,..let’s just say it says something else to a LEO. And who needs that kind of attention?

      I think Benchmade sold out. Now they’re just in it for the money.
      I’m not sure that I even want to own a $115.00 automatic knife.
      Less expensive to buy usually means less expensive to produce,
      which usually means less quality. Who needs that?

  2. scubamatt says:

    That is a nice looking knife, and the subtle activation of it appeals to me. Discrete, but very fast. I will have to check my knife laws to see if I can carry it legally. If so, it’s going on the short list for gifts-to-myself.

    1. scubamatt says:

      Hmm my edit disappeared it looks like.

      After a quick check of the state laws, it appears automatic knives are indeed legal to possess and carry in Georgia, so I am a happy camper.

  3. Randy Drescher says:

    Last I heard its no switchblades no brass knuckles in Wis, just no fun here, lol. That does look like a nice knife. Randy

  4. Rockwater says:

    I have had this knife for two days and already the retention spring is broken. Haven’t even cut anything yet just getting my fingers comfortable with the mechanism. I bought this to replace a poorly manufactured bench made folder based on much reassurance about bench maids high quality.

    2 bad knives in 1 week. I guess the jokes on me. Think I’ll ever buy another?

  5. Robert schlesinger says:

    Having trouble getting knife to pop open

  6. Les Swain says:

    Is there anywhere to buy parts for the scorch, my spring broke and would like to replace it.

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H & K Scorch: The “Stealth Switchblade”

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