Hand-Forged Japanese Emergency Hatchet: Now THAT’S A Zombie-Killer!

Image courtesy Japan Woodworker

Doomsday Preppers is pathetic and Zombieland 2 is undead in the water, but you’ll be ready for just about anything (anything that doesn’t have a gun, that is) with this hand-forged Japanese rescue hatchet from blacksmith Tsuguo Abe.

Just looking at it, you already know it will excel at batoning firewood, but this long-bearded hatchet can be used for detail carving and chiseling as well as chopping, splitting and and prying.

Each head is hand-forged by Abe himself from a combination of high- and low-carbon steels to give each part of the head optimal hardness.

Hand-forging and good looks don’t come cheap, however. This imported hatchet will run you $135 plus S&H, about the same cost as a new Hultafors or Gransfors Bruks.

Click on the photo for the vendor’s link.


  1. Mark Davis says:

    That is a huge beard. What’s the advantage there?

    1. Chris Dumm says:

      The beard lets you hold the axe just below the head and use the broad blade for low-impact detail work. Great for carpenters and log-cabin builders, but of questionable use for chopping through a steel fire door.

      1. Duncan Idaho says:

        Beards were also especially useful in combat- they could be used for hooking, pulling someone’s shield away and going in for the kill.

        I remember reading in Dick Proenekke’s journals that his axe was his most valuable tool to his Alaskan odyssey.

        1. Mark Davis says:

          Hook someone’s shield with that monster of a beard and you’re going to need several minutes to untangle it.

  2. Matt in FL says:

    An interesting look, but I echo Mark’s question above.

  3. Out_Fang_Thief says:

    Think of this as a half battle ax, with the top portion of the ax blade removed. These are primarily carpenter’s tools, as Chris points out above, but they often doubled as fierce defensive weapons. Let’s face it, if there’s a bladed instrument in Japan, it’s had any design and use imperfections tinkered-out long ago. Everything you need, nothing you don’t. If you’re thinking defensive uses, and you’re prepared to spend $136.00 for this, drop another $80.00 and upgrade to the 5-1/2″ blade, 28″ long Carpenter’s Axe. http://www.japanwoodworker.com/product/155998/512-Carpenters-Axe-Daiku-Ono–Abe.aspx

    What do you want, an impromptu battle hatchet, or an impromptu battle axe? I’m going with the impromptu battle axe.

    1. Mark Davis says:

      I see your point. Nice piece.

    2. Derek says:

      Wetterlings Swedish Broad Axe, nothing impromptu about that battle axe lol.

      Only $160 on here; http://www.wisementrading.com/woodworking/gransfors.htm

  4. Duncan Idaho says:

    “KultofAthena.com” carries a couple Hanwei bearded axes at reasonable prices. I was thinking of getting the shorter one to carry in the woods.

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Hand-Forged Japanese Emergency Hatchet: Now THAT’S A Zombie-Killer!

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