Happy Independence Day, and an essay reprised…

Independence Day 2018

Happy Birthday America! Well, sort of. Just declaring themselves free was only an opening chapter. Freedom had to be won.

Last year, Knife Rights asked Ethan Becker to pen an essay of his thoughts on America’s Independence Day.  Chairman Doug Ritter gave his thoughts this year, which you can read here, but sharing this year’s essay does not let me show off my awesome photoshopping skills.


Enjoy your Holiday America, and thank you to all that have fought to give us the freedom we celebrate today.

You can read more of my thoughts here.



  1. Sam L. says:

    Speaking of Doug Ritter, I donated to Knife Rights and have won a knife. It’s not too late to get in on this.

  2. Flynn Billson says:

    Amazing article!

  3. Ruth Beck says:

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  4. Timothy Lyall says:

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Happy Independence Day, and an essay reprised…

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