Happy National Knife Day 2015. Here are some of the sales we have found.

The above is by BladeHQ. As I mentioned in my last piece on the railway attack on France, we all carry knives for differing reasons, but that video certainly hits the high points for me.

Below the jump you will find a list of sales that I have come across in honor of National Knife Day. I will be updating it as I come across more.

Ravens Crest Tactical : 25% off everything in their store if you use the code:  KNIFEDAY at checkout

Midway USA : 10% off $25 purchase if you use the code : KNIFEDAY15

KnifeDepot: I don’t know if it is specific to the day, but since they wrote about National Knife Day on their Blog today, I am including the link to their sale page.

BladeHQ: Buy anything from their online store today and get a free TShirt.


BladeHQ is giving away free shirts with orders today

KnifeCenter: I couldn’t find anything specific to today, but here is how you get promo codes for their sales on social media.


I will keep looking, but it is a start.  Check back this afternoon, and I should have more for you.

Check out @knifetruth on Twitter. I have a feeling that there will be flash sales that we will retweet.






  1. Mike L says:

    Always gotta check out woot.com Today they have a nice assortment of knives and if you rummage around you will see some cool Martin bows in stock….


  2. Roger says:

    BladePlay, BladeHQ’s affiliate china knife site, is giving away a free knife with ever sale today as well.

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Happy National Knife Day 2015. Here are some of the sales we have found.

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