Happy Tennessee Knife Freedom Day/A Call to Action


Benchmade 5400 Serum. I will be receiving this knife for testing soon – now that Automatics are legal again in Tennessee.

Today is Tennessee Knife Freedom Day. The bill legalizing automatic knives and removing carry length restrictions was signed last April, but goes into effect today. Coupled with last year’s knife law preemption bill, Tennessee now has among the best knife laws in the nation. Only restrictions on carry in schools, libraries, and Government buildings remain.

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I can now legally carry my Kim Breed Model 15 (or any knife I darn well want to) even though its blade is >4″.

Instead of sitting back and celebrating Tennessee’s good fortune, we here at TTAK see an opportunity to try and advance the ball further. Our readers will fall into 2 broad categories, those who live in preemption states (Arizona, Utah, New Hampshire, Georgia, Kansas, Alaska & Tennessee) and those who do not.

If you live in a state without knife preemption, you should contact your state representatives and request the something along the lines of the following:

“I am a constituent of yours and I would appreciate if you would consider sponsoring knife law preemption in our state. This valuable legislation has been enacted in several states and would protect citizens who may be traveling across jurisdictions from inadvertently running afoul of patchwork restrictions that may be enacted by individual municipalities”.

I can’t go into detail onto how to contact the individual representatives of each jurisdiction, but it is typically pretty easy to with basic Google-Fu skills. You can call or email, your choice. But please pass along info to your friends and see if they will take five minutes as well.

For those of you in states with preemption, or if you want an opportunity to be active on the Federal level as well, you can contact your Congresscritters about H.R. 3478. H.R. 3478, or the Knife Owner Protection Act has 12 co-sponsors, but appears to be stalled in Committee. In a nutshell, the act would protect you from running afoul of knife restrictions in transit if a knife is legal in the jurisdiction from which you are departing and where you will be ending a trip. Sort of a national-level preemption-lite. It won’t change restrictions where you reside, but will protect you if you have to travel across areas with more restrictive knife laws.

This portion of our campaign is a bit easier to coordinate. There is a directory for contacting your Congressman.  You can call or email. KnifeRights.org even has a sample letter for you to cut and paste:

“I support H.R.3478, the Knife Owners’ Protection Act of 2013. I urge you to become a co-sponsor of this commonsense legislation that will protect my rights and the rights of all knife owners to travel throughout the U.S. without fear of prosecution under the myriad of state and local knife laws.”

You can contact your US Senators as well. A directory can be found here. Ask them if they would consider introducing companion legislation in the Senate. A sample letter can be found below:

“Dear Senator, I am a constituent of yours and would like you to consider introducing a companion bill in the Senate to H.R. 3478, The Knife Owner Protection Act. This commonsense legislation will protect my rights and the rights of all knife owners to travel throughout the U.S. without fear of prosecution under the myriad state and local knife laws.”

If we have convinced you to take the above actions, perhaps we can convince you to go one step further. If you are a Twitter person, would you consider sending a tweet similar to one below with a link to this post (http://wp.me/p3h9EH-3KX) and the hashtag #knifefreedom

I contacted  asking him to sponsor senate version of HR3478, Knife Owner Protection Act.  

I contacted  asking him to co-sponsor HR3478, Knife Owner Protection Act.  

“I contacted (fill in the handle of your state representative) asking him/her for knife law preemption in the state of __________”

I could go on, but you get my point. The more people who see this, the more might be moved to get active. Twitter can be very useful to this end. I am going to seek out the help of my friends as CRKT and Benchmade. This might all fall flat on its face. Or it might just make a difference and advance knife rights a little.

Bottom Line, Tennessee Knife Freedom Day is a perfect opportunity to draw some attention to knife rights. At the state level, preemption is an attainable goal (it was just vetoed in Oklahoma during the Governor’s little hissy-fit, and it is definitely attainable in Texas this time around)

Please let me know if you are participating.

Update: Welcome Instapundit Readers!  I hope you enjoy your visit and drop by again. And thank you to the Blogfather for tossing us the brass ring. It is much appreciated.  Hopefully we can move the needle a bit for knife rights.



  1. 2hotel9 says:

    Hopefully the idiot brigade will not run right out and do stupid sh*t with knives in front of TV cameras.

    Ah, who the hell am I kidding, of course they will. Probably already got their speeddial set to all the local tv news lines so they can screech about how dangerous this new law is to children and minorities.

  2. Sent to Congressman John Duncan Jr. this morning:

    “I would appreciate if you would consider supporting or even co-sponsoring HR 3478, the Knife Owner Protection Act. This legislation would protect your constituents from inadvertently running afoul of patchwork knife restrictions when outside their home state. “

  3. Doug says:

    Thanks for your support! We didn’t end up with bad knife laws overnight and we won’t fix them overnight, but Knife Rights is continuing to post wins every year, 17 legislative victories in 5 years so far. Help us continue to rewrite knife law in America™ with a donation that could win you your choice from over $125,000 in extraordinary prizes! To donate and get your chance(s) to win, go to: http://www.KnifeRights.org/UltimateSteel

  4. Alec Rawls says:

    California desperately needs a knife pre-emption law but of course will not get it. A local open space district somehow has the power to pass its own criminal laws and has made mere possession of ANY weapon, including slingshots, toy bows and arrows, etcetera, a FELONY. Discovered this when I made slingshots for myself and my 10 yr old for Christmas and took him out plinking tree trunks. A ranger advised me of the mere possession statute. WTF?

    These laws are not just insane and perverted but, like CA’s near blanket ban on gun carry, they violate the right to bear arms. It’s even worse when this little feifdom run by eco-femininists and dick-less vagina-men can spring mere-possession felonies (requiring no criminal intent) in unsuspecting citizens.

  5. OngoingFreedom says:

    Yay Tennessee! I will now celebrate by strapping on my Cold Steel Ghurka Kukri. Wait, that puts me in the idiot brigade. Never mind!

    Seriously though, it will be nice to ‘bear’ my Benchmade Auto Triage and not just ‘keep’ it.

    1. Chuck W says:

      Do you like your Benchmade Auto Triage? I have 2 Benchmade Autos the AFO II & the Adamas 9050 I believe it’s with Sand colored handle it pretty good knife but I would recommend the AFO II between the 2. I like the way it opens and feel in my hand. I just last week went to SMKW in Sevierville & they have tons of nice knives but I always tend to buy Benchmade. I’m glad I can finally buy these knives without needing a police military or rescue ID I thought if was crazy. I had a Kershaw Blur that could be opened 1 handed and was the fastest opening knife I have ever owned. I don’t see knives as weapons I see them as tools always have. If someone wants to hurt someone with a knife then an regular old Case Knife is as deadly as a S.B. unfortunately Hollywood gave them a bad name with the greasy haired leather jacket wearing hoodlum pulling out his stiletto switchblade to commit crimes and terrorize all the law abiding citizens in the movies.

  6. Kai says:

    So, I really don’t care for guns personally. Swords and knives? Love them! I wouldn’t harm a fly–I even rescue spiders wandering in areas they could get hurt. But I’m a tiny little thing–100 lbs! I want to be able to carry a knife for defense. Possibly even a very short sword (I collect both, although said collection is small).

    Does this mean I can do that now, concealed or open??? (Yes, I am a Tennessee resident.)

    1. Anything goes knife wise in TN except for courthouses, libraries, public schools, and technically most city parks but that would be an astronomically small possibility of being an issue.

      You would not have an issue in Knoxville with a pocket clip even on Market Square which falls in a grey area. I had my mini-Grip clipped to my pocket last time I paid a traffic ticket at the Police Station.

      We are mostly pro-Gun here at TTAK, they fall in the tool spectrum, but we aren’t militant about it. I have my TN Permit, but I seldom carry. Mostly when I fish in Meth Country (Cocke-by-God County).

      Glad to have you. THanks for reading.


      1. Oh, and you will have to stomach the occasional dressing of a trout or skinning of a groundhog in our reviews.

        Sorry 🙂

    2. Chuck W. says:

      I know you can carry all knives. The sword part I’m not sure about. I definitely think it would be sweet to see a tiny 100 lb lady with a sword I say strapped on back ninja style. I carry a Benchmade AFO II AUTOMATIC knife and have had no issues. Then again if stays in clipped in my pocket at all times unless I’m working that’s why I really like Automatic knives especially mine it can easily be opened with 1 hand and even has a safety lock on it so it won’t open if you just accidentally hit the button. Good luck on whatever you choose to carry.

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Happy Tennessee Knife Freedom Day/A Call to Action

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