Havalon Debuts New Knife, New Inserts, New Bone Saw At SHOT Show

Image: Chris Dumm for TTAK

Havalon Knives has the goal of becoming the go-to tool for disassembling game animals, and this folding, replaceable-blade surgical bone saw will be among the new SKUs joining their catalog. 

Havalon blades are seriously sharp; when Tyler Kee used one to bleed out Nick’s Texas whitetail, it cut so deep that he nearly decapitated it. If this bone saw is as sharp as that, even the biggest bull elk will quarter out in no time.

Havalon’s next new project is slated for release later this year but it’s still under wraps for now. It’s a locking 2-blade hunting knife that takes a 4 3/8″ or 5″ long Barracuda blade and a short Piranta blade. I only saw a prototype, which was rough-enough looking that Havalon asked me not to snap a picture of it. Hopefully we’ll get one to hand out for a reader review when it launches. Do any hunters out there want to volunteer?

Image courtesy Havalon Knives

And speaking of blades, Havalon has released a new line of #60 replacement blades for the smaller Piranta. They’re just as crazy-sharp as the original #22 stainless blades, but substantially thicker. They’ve got very little flex in them, and they’re less likely to snap under hard use. The downside? They’re about twice as expensive as the originals. The upside? They’re still less than 75 cents each.

And no, they’re not serrated like this jaggy picture suggests. They’re plain-edged, and much more than razor sharp.



  1. dude says:

    If you want volunteers to test the prototype, contact me.

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Havalon Debuts New Knife, New Inserts, New Bone Saw At SHOT Show

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