Sunday Heads-Up For Cheap Bastards: $30 Kershaw Scallion

Image: Knife CenterI don’t spend much time forwarding breathless sales announcements from vendors (I think I’ve maybe done it twice) but Knife Center is unloading these Zytel-handled Kershaw Scallions for a measly $30 each if you act fast. Dan Z. reviewed the Ken Onion-designed Scallion back in May, and came away all teary-eyed. He loves his, and you’ll probably love yours even more if you can snag it for a song like this.

Click here for the full deal at Knife Center. This price is only guaranteed until August 18th.



  1. jwm says:

    Yep, I’m a self admitted cheap bastard. Let me know when they’re 15 bucks each.

  2. dph says:

    Now that’s what I’m talking about. Great EDC, sharp, decent quality and cheap. I bought one from Amazon a few weeks back for only $27 with no shipping or tax.

  3. Nathan says:

    Kershaw is the perfect company for cheap bastards

    1. Thomas M. says:

      Their American made knives are pretty high quality, and not all that cheap. I don’t have any experience with their offshore offerings.

      I’ll leave it up to the reader to decide if my EDC blade makes me a bastard or not.

      1. Jonathan says:

        Scallion’s pretty cheap, and it’s one of their high-quality American knives.

  4. Aharon says:

    The yellow scales make it look like a child’s toy. I think these are illegal in NYC and San Francisco.

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Sunday Heads-Up For Cheap Bastards: $30 Kershaw Scallion

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