So, I have heard the Hogue Knives X5 is a sharp knife…

I had a little bit of of an ironic accident this afternoon, about 13 hours after my review of the Hogue X5 went live. I carried the knife probably 100 days over the course of testing, and if I had so much as nicked myself it was unremarkable enough as to be easily forgotten. Not so this afternoon.

Thing 1 has been home sick the last couple of days, so I hadn’t been able to make a solo trip to the post office. This is relevant because I was talking to her instead of focusing on what I was doing. I was customizing a reused box to ship off some gifts, when my knife slipped and I whacked my left-index knuckle  with the edge of the blade. It wasn’t a long, drawn-cut, but a straight on contact. It was less than 2cm long, but it went deep.

I knew immediately it would take a couple of stitches. Unfortunately, I had a sick daughter in tow and my son to pick up from school. Swell.

There is a Doc-in-the-Box near my kids’ school, so I wrapped my finger tightly with some tape and piled her in the car. The rest is pretty uneventful, other than the fact that my daughter was more freaked out with the whole situation and was chattering away 1000 miles an hour. The Doctor and I both smiled. A fresh tetanus booster and 3 stitches later and I was on my way.

Other than the obvious irony of the timing, there are a couple of other amusing anecdotes to relate. I had texted David, Dan, and Allen Elishewitz that the X5 bit me, and Allen must have been talking with Neil Hogue at the time. I know this because Neil responds an earlier email of mine with: “I have heard that the X5 knives are sharp!?”

News travels fast. I inquired if this was in relation to my sitting in a Doc-in-the-Box at that very moment and just got: “Hahaha. Yep.”

Normally it is the snitches that get the stitches. Not in this case.

I was also about 15 minutes past the time I needed to pick up my son, but my wife left work early. When the moms from the kids’ social circle inquired about her being there she told them I was off getting stitches. So when we all sat together at the school’s Christmas Concert this evening, they were all primed to razz the professional knife-writer who teaches knife safety to their Cub Scout children.

I deserve the razzing, I was a bonehead. I am thankful that this is nothing more than a minor inconvenience as opposed to a life-altering accident. Every once and a while we need a bit of a love-bite to remind us to be careful and not take the tools we use for granted.

I texted my personal physician (who is a friend and a terrific smart-ass), and his response summed it up perfectly:


Stay safe everyone.

(anyone have any good injury stories of their own lately? Let us know in the comments.)


  1. Snatchums says:

    I got a Benchmade Barrage a couple months ago, was playing with it right out of the box. I heard online about them being difficult to close one handed, so I was doing exactly that…. until my finger slipped. It snapped back open and filleted my index finger. It was bad enough to warrant stitches but of course I didn’t go. Little bit of iodine and super glue did the trick. A few months later I still have no feeling in the chunk I carved out.

    Moral of the story: sometimes people online aren’t completely full of shit.

  2. Allen Elishewitz says:

    I am glad it wasn’t worse than a few stitches but it is still funny!

    1. I expect to be razzed for something like this for sure.

  3. cmeat says:

    a barrage of honest readership comments relating to this post would easily surpass the damascus article views. but most are minor and the rest may not want to be relived.
    i will tape a finger half a dozen times a year. i’m convinced that certain tapes (blue masking, 33 elec.) have magical healing properties.
    like snatchums, i’ll wager many get snicked while learning to close an unfamiliar lock blade.

  4. Sam L. says:

    Last two times I cut myself were with kitchen knives. Last year. This year only doctors have cut me. Much longer and deeper, though. Got a couple long straight scars.

  5. Saran Wrappe says:

    I did my ring finger real nice using a Pocket Pal sharpner on my Endura while sitting in my car having arrived to a meeting 15 minutes early. Just got the pocket pal and its a novelty to use. Was not a long cut, but I felt it inpact bone and the joint is still way tender. The cut was so clean and precise that if I kept my finger extended it would not bleed. Anti’s and 3 bandaids later there is not indication of the cut.

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So, I have heard the Hogue Knives X5 is a sharp knife…

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