Hinderer debuts slipjoint folder prior to IWA show

Rick Hinderer is debuting a new slipjoint knife prior to his departure to next week’s IWA show (European version of SHOT for lack of a better description). But this is not your grandpa’s dainty Stockman, Hinderer’s XM-Slippy is every bit as “overbuilt” as his typical offerings.

The combination of modern styling on a traditional action is one of the big things that I liked about Teddy Peacher’s Chimera (review here) and this Hinderer looks to be of a similar vein.

Slipjoints are quite popular in Europe as many countries or municipalities have prohibited locking knives. In fact, some knives like the Spyderco Pingo are designed to be permissible in the widest possible range of European locales. I am guessing that the XM-Slippy does not have as extreme of a spring, but looks to require two hands to open.

Jake Middleton is our resident slipjoint guru. You can read his homage to the style here. Or you can leave him a congrats on the birth of his third child yesterday in the comments.

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Hinderer debuts slipjoint folder prior to IWA show

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