Hogue and Sig Sauer release collaborative Emperor Scorpion folder.



Sig Sauer is partnering with Houge Knives for the EX-02 Emperor Scorpion Folder

Knife/Gun company collaborations are all the rage, and Hogue and Sig Sauer have joined the party with the new EX-02 Emperor Scorpion Folder. It features a 3.75″ 154CM blade, flip tab, liner lock, the G10 scales are checkered in a similar pattern to the Sig Sauer Emperor Scorpion pistol grips and the overall design compliments its namesake well.

Make the jump for Hogue press release and promo video.

From The Outdoor Wire:

Henderson, NV – Sig Sauer and Hogue Incorporated are proud to announce the release of the SIG SAUER EX-02 Folding Knife by Hogue. Made in the USA as a perfect accompaniment to SIG SAUER’s 1911 Emperor Scorpion firearm, the SIG EX-02 has been expertly manufactured to precise standards by Hogue, Inc. “Hogue’s quality materials and manufacturing, coupled with the innovative, purpose-driven designs of renowned bladesmith Allen Elishewitz, are a natural match for SIG SAUER,” says SIG SAUER Executive Director, GMM, Jeff Creamer.
The SIG SAUER EX-02 folding knife features a 3.75″ spear point blade born from 154 CM steel and treated with a corrosion and abrasion-resistant flat dark earth coating. It contains a flipper tab for one-hand deployment that also serves as a front guard when the knife is handled open. The knife’s stainless steel liner-lock is textured for easier one-hand operation. Encasing the blade are custom designed solid black G10 handle scales, cut with Hogue’s piranha grip scaling and boldly sporting the famous Sig brand.
“Hogue Inc is very proud of this knife,” remarked Hogue Tool and Machine president, Jim Bruhns. The quality of each and every Hogue knife is immediately apparent once in your hand, and the SIG EX-F02 is no exception.”
The Sig Sauer EX-F02 folding knife by Hogue is priced at $205.00 and can viewed or purchased on the SIG Store website at http://store.sigsauer.com/catalog/product/view/id/7854/s/sig-sauer-ex02-folding-knife-by-hogue/
Hogue Knives can be viewed on the Hogue Inc website at http://www.hogueknives.com/

At $205 for a 154CM knife, you are definitely paying for the names involved. However, it looks to be a well built and aesthetically pleasing knife. I especially like the choil/guard/flipper combination.


  1. Daniel says:

    Two pieces of g-10 with a hunk of steel “154-CM” and a clip made for tip up/down only for righthanders.
    I’m a lefty” instead of tip up left right.
    Flea market knife as far as I’m concern.

    Is there no metal liners at all to support the pivot? And do the clip screws screw into G-10 only. Will strip out in no time. Looked like some fairly large holes though. They may have some sort of metal insert with shoulder stop screws or something.

    As for as much as I can see of the knife it uses inferior steel to save a buck, no liners? maybe! Not threaded tip up left/right. That knife is no better than a Kershaw with S-30V for less than half the price. Did not check the weight yet but it looked pretty bulky.

    Oh well, I suppose there will be some affectionods with money to spare that will go for this. I want a knife that is built to handle “some” heavy use but mainly built for heavy cutting. You can get one left hand tip up only. More money yet but an heirloom quality knife. Still looking forward to my first sebenza, lefty. I’d rather the S-30V because chemically/metallurgicaly I cannot see how S35Vn is better. But I’m no expert. And with the type of warranty CRKW offers and customer support.

    Well I guess you can tell I don’t care for the Sig knife so I will stop. Many knives with a superior build with blade steel much better to be had for $200.00 and under.

  2. Daniel says:

    BUT AT LEAST IT “KINDA” LOOKS PRETTY••• Need an edit button for ones post on here.

  3. Jacob says:

    At exactly the 1 min mark pause the video and it showes the liner lock and you can see the metal liner on the other side as well

  4. NavyRetGold says:

    Sig, Hogue, Elishewitz.. three names that carry some weight. A no BS knife with a no nonsense design. I think it looks great and perfectly complements the Sig Sauer pistol designs. The 3.75 inch spear point blade of wide 154CM and a finger guard is up to most tasks. 154CM is not my favorite but it is used to good effect by Emerson and Benchmade. Had Daniel actually listened to the video it clearly states “the handle has stainless steel liners that includes the lock”. I see this knife as a premium Sig accessory, not a daily work tool. At $205 it certainly is a “premium” accessory, and while I wouldn’t EDC it, I wouldn’t mind having one to go with my Sigs. If you are not a fan of Sig pistols, this probably won’t appeal to you as much. My EDC is a Kershaw S30V Blur, no reason to change that.

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Hogue and Sig Sauer release collaborative Emperor Scorpion folder.

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