Home Decor For Knife Guys: Wakizashi Bookends

Image courtesy PropagandaWe all know this wouldn’t really be a good way to store our books, but this set of Wakizashi-themed bookends just looks too cool to dismiss as impractical. And of course it doesn’t really stab through all your books; it just looks like it does.

I’m not sure how the two ends actually hold the books together, but they’re held to the outer book covers by strong magnets. The great Danes at Propaganda cell them ‘Katana’ bookends, which we know is inaccurate because Katana bookends wouldn’t fit in most bookshelves. But we’ll forgive their ignorance.

Blade Material: Unknown (possibly plastic).
Blade HRC: Probably really crappy.
Price: 34 Euros, if you must ask.


  1. Matt in FL says:

    I found some other photos, like this one. It’s a conventional steel bookend that you tuck inside the cover of the book at each end, and then the handle part sticks to it magnetically through the cover. I’m assuming it’s the same at both ends, but I don’t know for sure, because I couldn’t find any photos that showed the “blade side” detached from the steel. All the photos I found look just like this one.

    I dunno, kinda neat, but I really prefer the Portal bookends.

    1. D says:

      Wow, those look awesome! Where’d you find the portal bookends?

      1. Matt in FL says:

        I just found the picture. They popped up in the image search when I was looking for info on the Wakizashi ones. If your Google is as good as mine, you’ll find ’em from a dozen different places for around $30.

  2. Ducky says:

    Now for some odd reason I really want to read “Pride and Predjujitsu”

  3. Sam L. says:

    I could certainly use some sneaking lessons.

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Home Decor For Knife Guys: Wakizashi Bookends

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