Hoplophobic Dingbattery of the Day – Rocky Top edition


Tennessee HB 0518 and SB 1015 remove prohibitions on switchblades, blade size, and supersedes patchwork local restrictions.

We don’t expect coherent and rational arguments from gun and knife prohibitionists, but this editorial in the Chattanooga Times Free Press on the knife rights bills (HB 0581, SB 1015) moving through the Tennessee legislature reaches seldom-attained heights.

“Perhaps we should just ask Sens. Bell and those from our region voting with him — Todd Gardenhire, R-Chattanooga; Bo Watson, R-Hixson; Janice Bowling, R-Tullahoma (and Marion and Sequatchie counties); Charlotte Burks, D-Monterey (and Bledsoe County); and Ken Yager, R-Harriman (and Rhea County) — to think about giving us some more freedoms.

Let’s just drop the requirement for all drivers to have a driver’s license, for example. After all, it’s irrational to expect that requiring a license means only licensed drivers will drive. Do we think those people driving with lapsed, revoked or suspended licenses will somehow stop being lawbreakers?

While we’re at it, let’s drop the prohibition on drinking and driving. After all, we all know that law doesn’t keep drunks off the road. And if there are more accidents, car makers will sell more cars. Let’s hear it for car rights!”

To quote the late, great William F. Buckley, “I will not insult your intelligence by suggesting you believe what you just said.” The problem is, the author sounds like he/she does believe this nonsense.

The author cedes the argument from the outset with the statement about unlicensed drivers not obeying the law. That is the whole point! Whether we are talking about guns or knives or even crowbars, no tool is dangerous in the hands of an honest individual. No law on the books can prevent evil intent.

But the complete logical breakdown is achieved when you apply the anti-knife position of the author to his or her statement about cars. If we were to apply the author’s “solution,” as advocated from their antipathy towards the knife-rights bills, we would ban cars from law-abiding citizens in the name of preventing unlicensed or even drunk-driving.

More importantly in many ways, the author fails to grasp the fundamental concept of what exactly a “right” is. The whole premise that the legislature ought to “give us more freedoms” is fundamentally flawed from the outset. Our Founding Fathers recognized our fundamental freedoms as coming from God.

We have large brains and opposable thumbs in place of the claws, teeth, and raw power of other mammals. These allow us to create tools, be they physical tools like knives, or social tools/constructs like the very concept of Government.

We use the tool of Government to provide and maintain the roads, which themselves are a tool to facilitate mobility, and we accept licensing as the cost of using our cars upon the public roadways. If you drive only on private property, you need no license at all. You can own a car (but not a switchblade) without any government involvement.

Likewise, lack of a license does not prevent anyone from driving a car drunk or through a crowded farmers market. No law you can pass can change this simple fact.

[note:  I included the list of legislators that the author intended to shame, however I think they deserve our thanks.  Click here to do just that.]


  1. Azimuth says:

    It’s difficult to tell what these people believe any more. I’m sure they believe in their power to remain in power, but after that, who knows? At the current market price for automatic knives, it’s doubtful that any hooligans in the hood are dropping a few C-notes for the revamped switchblades of West Side Story. They’re not very useful for those drive-
    by’s on rival gangs, and there’s no holding a knife sideways gangsta style. Besides, don’t the “spring assisted” knives make an automatic knife almost moot? My CRKT Ripple is about as fast as my Lone Wolf Lobo.

  2. Stinkeye says:

    How is it possible that so many people fail to understand the basic concept at play with these sorts of laws. Criminals break laws. It’s their sole defining characteristic. If I’m out to kill or rob someone, then the size of the knife or number of rounds in the gun is immaterial to me, since I’ve already made the decision to commit a much greater offense. It’s just so idiotic.

    Do these people really beleive that rapists and muggers have a thought process like “Well, a three-inch blade isn’t enough to really do this job right, and I can’t carry anything larger without breaking the law, so I guess my crime spree ends here.”

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Hoplophobic Dingbattery of the Day – Rocky Top edition

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