Hoplophobic School Dingbattery: Canadian honor student expelled for pocketknife in backpack


This terrifying weapon was discovered in a student’s backpack. Administrators lose their minds.

The idiots who threaten to move to Canada if The Donald is elected President will find a land populated by bureaucrats as unencumbered by common-sense as the ones that they left behind. In a case reminiscent of so many before it, an honor student with no prior disciplinary infractions has been expelled for the simple possession of a pocketknife. The knife was found in his backpack (the article doesn’t specify how), he wasn’t even using or brandishing it.

From CBC.ca:

Soucy was expelled in the middle of his final year at Heritage Regional High School in St. Hubert, on Montreal’s South Shore, after the pocket knife was found in his backpack.

“It slipped my mind completely that it was in my bag,” Soucy told CBC News, adding he likely put it there after completing his chores on his farm in Saint-Rémi.

Soucy said even after explaining why the knife would have been in his bag at the initial hearing and during a subsequent review process, the school board is sticking to its initial decision.

“It’s really, really frustrating,” Soucy said.

He said he would have gladly served out a suspension, but doesn’t see how his situation warrants an expulsion.

“I’ve never been in trouble – ever. I’ve never had a detention in the school in five years.”

Soucy and his mother were also barred from going on a long-planned student trip to Europe last month, losing $1,400 in cancellation fees.

Instead of demonstrating the ability to engage in critical thought, School Board Director Sylvain Racette doubled down on a damaging and unjust policy:

Riverside School Board’ director general Sylvain Racette wouldn’t speak about the particulars of this case, but he defended the policy.

“It’s a policy that is strong, but the benefit of it outweighs the difficulties of application,” he told CBC News.

“It’s not easy when the policy is applied to you, but we truly believe we’re enforcing it because it’s making our schools safer,” Racette said.

He added that there is an appeals process for families who are not satisfied with the disciplinary measure — a process that Soucy followed, to no avail.



Sylvain Racette is a walking life-support system for a vacuous cranium. He has no business overseeing childrens’ education.

Such mental deficiency has not always been the case in Riverside.

Former Riverside School Board chairman Fernand Blais has always had issues with the policy, because he says it doesn’t allow for the board to exercise discretion depending on the circumstances of an incident.

“When you have a perfect Grade A student who’s done everything that they’re supposed to and do it right, and they make one little mistake, I don’t think that’s a time you end up throwing the book at him,” Blais said.

Instead it is the policy of the Riverside School Board to risk permanently derailing a promising young life for completely innocent and harmless mistakes. Shame on you Director Racette. You fail your students.


  1. Carl inTO says:

    As a Canadian I would like to express my incredulity at this utter nonsense.
    Truly industrial grade stupidity.

    1. sagebrushracer says:

      nooo, that there is Weapons Grade stupid….

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Hoplophobic School Dingbattery: Canadian honor student expelled for pocketknife in backpack

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