Housekeeping: 5 million views and climbing

Today was a good day. TTAK hit a major milestone – our 5 millionth page view. It took 8 months, 10 days to go from 3-4 million, and this time it took 7 months, 24 days to get from 4 to 5. The blog continues its upward progression, and we have you all to thank for it.

The “usual suspects” from our archives continue to turn in strong daily performances. Leading the way is Will Woods’ The Truth About Damascus with 176,772 all-time views, though the other “Ask a Knifemaker” posts are almost always in our daily Top 20 as well. Our knife reviews are also a source of considerable daily traffic, anchored by our “Big 3”: Mora Bushcraft Black, Opinel #8 Carbone, and Buck 110, with 57,058, 56,153, and 49,992 all-time views respectively. Several of Editor Emeritus Chris Dumm’s State-by-State Knife Law posts also made the top 10.

Two posts from the past 6 months rapidly climbed the board to be among our top performers. Coming in at #9 all-time is Wells Fargo to Hogue Inc: We won’t do business with weapons manufacturers with 53,135 views since its August 1, 2016 debut. This post anchored our best ever day, when it was shared by both Instapundit and online ammo-retailer Cheaper Than Dirt.

The other post that has catapulted into the upper echelon is David’s Knives of History’s Alone:Season 3. Not only does this post search-engine extremely well, it was picked up by our friends at More Than Just Surviving, which continues to provide us with double and triple digit daily referrals. This post has generated more than 18,000 views in the 2 months (to the day) since its release.

As is my custom, I want to thank Editor Emeritus Chris Dumm for building such a great foundation. Not only does his archive of work continue to turn in impressive daily totals, he has served as a great sounding board for me. I spoke with him today in fact, to pass along the good news.

All of this would not be possible without you, the readers. You have helped us build a dynamic community of knife enthusiasts, and as the blog grows, so does our reach and influence. Our success is opening doors, such as scoring us an invite to visit the legendary Walter Brend. Opportunities such as this have a tendency to create a feedback loop. We get a cool opportunity, we get to share it with you, the blog gains prestige, and another opportunity presents itself. And the cycle continues.

So, thank you everyone for paying a visit to our little corner of the interwebs. We strive daily to provide you with a product worth coming back to again and again. With your help, we will hit 6 million page views before you know it.






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Housekeeping: 5 million views and climbing

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