Housekeeping and a few questions for our readers

Howdy folks. I hope that you all have been enjoying the increase in content over the last couple of weeks. As my kids are getting back to school, I find myself with a little more time for writing and it is long past time to ramp things up a little here at TTAK.

Our page views were gradually beginning to tick up as our library of content grows and attracts organic search engine traffic. However, this and 1 post a day are not going to be enough to elevate TTAK into the blogging big leagues.

For much of the last year we have been averaging about 3000 page views a day (+/-200). We are closing in on 3 million page views all time. To use a golf analogy, most people’s big benchmark is breaking 100 for the first time. Those that stick with it and work hard might break 90. There are golf enthusiasts who with the right level of work and natural coordination break 80. Then there are the professionals who can shoot scratch golf in the low 70s. My personal low round was an 87 back in grad school for what it is worth.

To put this in blogging terms, there are a whole lot of folks who bang away on keyboards for traffic in the double and triple digits. We at TTAK were lucky to have spun off of a hugely successful site and thus had an established audience transfer over, so we managed to skip this early stage.(See QOD: How did you find TTAK?)

Breaking 1000 page views in a day is a huge achievement, as is each subsequent millennial milestone. I would say that 3k page views a day puts us in the solid low 80’s range, with the occasional great day (usually with Instalanche help) breaking 80 and flirting with par (about 10k views in a day).

We are not looking to change the formula that has been working for us so far. However, we are going to make a few additions which you have probably noticed. Mostly, this comes in the form of a greater number of “quick-hit” type posts, both of a news and entertainment nature.

We understand that the quality of the writing at TTAK is what keeps people coming back, and that isn’t going to change. While I have upped my personal output to 2-3 posts a day, I am always trying to make sure at least one is of a more cerebral nature. I am trying to keep a good mix of video, industry and knife content, and news and editorial. If I can drive more people to TTAK with the increase in post volume, I am hoping that the quality of our longer pieces will keep people coming back.


One quick note on crime news. I am not trying to bombard folks with the unfortunate reality of tool misuse. I do however try to seek out those pieces that either illuminate a larger theme such as personal defense or carry rights, or are simply entertaining. Seriously, “Waco Police shoot knife-wielding brisket-thief”. That is blogging gold.


I will be travelling next week and there might be a brief drop off in content. David is going to have a couple of pieces, and Dan said he would try. I am going to do my best to schedule a few things as well. I have added the WordPress app to my phone, and while it is lousy for long pieces, it makes quick posts pretty convenient. I have done 3 so far, and hopefully no one has even noticed.

I just wanted you all to know that any drop off next week is a blip, and that we are going to try to keep up the pace of the last few weeks going forward.

In the midst of this, we have a bunch of knife reviews coming up over the next 6 weeks We are going to have  “Gerber Week” next month where we spend a day on each of the 4 USA made knives that they sent us. Additionally, I am almost done with my review of the CRKT Hootenanny. The Caleb White Penance is about halfway through testing. David has a Benchmade 665 review coming up next week. There are a few others in varying stages of testing as well.

How are we doing? Is the balance right? What have you liked and has anything fallen flat? What would you like to see more of?


As a post script, we also frequently post additional content to out Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook feeds (especially Instagram). Please give us a like or follow if you are so inclined.


  1. Spencer is not going to like my Benchmade review

    1. sagebrushracer says:

      whelp, honesty is the best policy.

  2. Sam L. says:

    I’ve enjoyed many/most of your posts, and the ones I didn’t were still kinda interesting. You’re doing well, here. I appreciate it!

  3. Grindstone says:

    I found this blog researching reviews for a knife. I like it. It may not be as busy as it’s bigger brother, but it still has decent enough content. I think maybe adding guest writers would up the rate of posting and provide fresh content. I’d also like to see a “knives for beginners” series, like TTAG. Especially explaining steel types, sharpening techniques, etc.

    Keep up the good work!

  4. stuartb says:

    Excited by the new posting tempo, always good to check in and see something new. Great content too! Would be good to see more budget related items, but that’s just me.

    1. Once we are through the Gerber stuff, we plan on doing a sub-$50 folder shootout.

  5. stuartb says:

    Kershaw Cryo, for the win!

  6. Dakota Nodland says:

    I am one of the audience transfers.I found TTAG was getting too big to enjoy anymore and I could not ask questions or contribute anything in comments. I don’t care too much about the politics but I do know it is necessary to shed light on.

  7. Christopher Evans says:

    I am looking for a knife expert who could tell me a few things regarding the strength of steel, specifically pressed steel. Essentially I want to know the probability of a pressed steel blade being damaged to the extent that a bit lateral section is gone. In other words a chunk of the blade looks as if it was surgically cut off.
    Would this be easy to achieve without special equipment. Any info would be greatly appreciated.

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Housekeeping and a few questions for our readers

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