Housekeeping: Catching up


The BLADE Show swag pile. Everyone who entered our Essay Contest and the “Caption This” will receive multiple prizes from our expanded pool.

Howdy Folks.

I wanted to check in and clear the decks of a couple of items that have piled up since before I left for the Blade Show. First, and of greatest interest to at least some of you, the reader essay contest closed last week, and with the exception of Cmeat’s piece which I will be running in the next day or two, I think I got everyone put up. If you entered an essay and I did not post it to the blog please email me ASAP! It is/was an honest mistake which I will remedy at the earliest possibility. I just wanted to give another plug to Spyderco and thank them for their sponsorship of the contest, as well as Pop’s Custom Clips and SOB Tactical for their prize contributions as well.

I have a couple of minor corrections below the jump, and  few other items as well.

I received an email from Doug Ritter with a couple of minor points to correct. I will make the changes to to original posts as well when I am done.

In my post on the Sharper Future Awards Breakfast, it turns out that “Lady Liberty’s Steel” is not really an official prize. I didn’t quite understand Sue Ritter’s presentation from the podium and my description is a bit off. I was correct in that donates a couple of items to the NRA-ILA in appreciation for their support, which in turn are used for ILA fundraising efforts. The creators of this amazing work are given recognition for their work under the title of Freedom’s Steel.

There was actually a Freedom’s Steel (semi)award given to Jerry Fisk and Steve Culver in recognition for the beautifully-engraved Damascus Steel pistol that they created. This year there was a second item donated to the ILA, the Damascus Steel Dagger by Audra Draper mentioned in the original post and earning her recognition for “Lady Liberty’s Steel”. (I hope I got this right this time).

I also erred in my description of my personal donation to the Ultimate Steel Spectacular. It is a small distinction, but I did not join at a $100 level. I made a $100 donation/entry to the Ultimate Steel Givaway, and in return I received an annual membership to KnifeRights ($32 value), The KnifeRights engraved Leatherman Rebar ($60), and 9 entries in the drawing.

Doug also wanted me to let you all know that there are still more Rebars, ESSE Izulas, and Benchmade Emissary 3.5’s which are available in various combinations at various donation levels from $100 to $500. (For example, a $300 donation gets you Rebar and Izula while $400 gets you 2 Izulas). The number of drawing entries increases with the donation level as well. The $32 annual membership is included with all donations of $60 or more. There is an incredible prize pool worth a total of $125,000.

Speaking of prize pools, I mentioned it above, but we added quite a bit of swag to the contest pool. Everyone who entered an essay or caption for the picture I posted will be receiving at least a couple of stickers and I think I have enough Spyderco Discount Cards for everyone as well. Not only did Spyderco provide the 3 Grand-prizes for the contest, they gave me these cards which are good for 35% off any order from their online store. And a couple of tote bags too. Ken Onion’s Work Sharp donated a couple of hats, and CRKT threw one in as well. There are a couple of morale patches from Thermo Forge, a Kydex sheath company. Hogue gave me a rubber bench mat that would be great for gun disassembly. David and I really tried to get as much stuff for you guys as we could.

Lastly, since this is a bit of an everything post anyway, I figured I would give an update on Day 2 of the Leatherman Project. I guided today, and while I slipped the Wave onto my belt along with my Mora Bushcraft, it never saw action on my trip. I didn’t feel like screwing with it when I cut down a  branch to retrieve some snagged flies. I used the Mora. I also had to leave it at home this evening when I went with my kids to a Teneesee Smokies minor league baseball game. I didn’t want to risk having it stolen by an overzealous gate-watcher.

I probably didn’t bring my CRKT Minimalist neck knife since that would not be playing by the rules.


I added a ferro-rod from Habilis Bushtools to my Mora’s sheath, and held it in place with a couple of SOB Tactical “Combat Bands”.



  1. cmeat says:

    “i probably didn’t bring my… neck knife.”
    lord knows what type of mayhem might have ensued.

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Housekeeping: Catching up

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