Housekeeping: I received a couple of packages…

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Swag for the reader essay contest, courtesy of the Sheriff of Baghdad. (and I got my Kershaw back from warranty repair as well)

I received two exciting packages yesterday. First, I got a plain padded envelope from Tualatin, OR. Inside was what I believe to be my Kershaw Leek.  Or it was a new one, I am not sure. It was wrapped in bubble-wrap with my warranty form. No note as to whether or not it was a repair or replacement. No muss, no fuss, just my knife back. I had missed it. I realized in its absence that it had become my favorite EDC. After breaking my knife during testing, it was nice to have such a no-questions and simple warranty experience.

The second package was larger and came from Fayetteville, NC. The return address said “Sheriff of Baghdad“. John McPhee sent me a little goodie package of swag for our reader essay contest. Thanks Shrek! Both I and our readers appreciate it. (for more on John, see my post from earlier this week)

I am still looking for a primary sponsor for the contest. When I announced the contest, I guaranteed that the grand prize would have a value of at least $75, and the runner-up prizes would total at least $50 in value. Even if I have to pony up and buy the prizes myself.

Thanks to John’s contributions, the prize pool is off to a great start. He sent 3 moral patches, a Nalgene-syle bottle with an SOB sticker, a T-shirt, 2 stickers, and 2 SOB Combat Bands. I kept one sticker for myself, it now resides on the inside of my workshop doors along with scores of others, many from companies that I have a personal connection. I also plan on using one of the bands for testing, and plan on writing a review of this simple but incredibly useful item. The other will go to a reader.

I have several emails out to industry contacts, and am working what connections I have made so far through the blog. I hope to lock down a contest sponsor soon, and will make an announcement when I do.

So please keep the reader submission coming. I have another one from Gemma, and two others from reader Roger. Gemma’s is on chidren carrying knives out of fear of bullies, and Roger’s are on hog hunting and on defining a “tactical knife”. These will run in the coming week.




  1. Jon M. says:

    That’s super cool of Mr. McPhee, he’s always nice as heck and willing to talk with people on social media.

    On a side note, the combat bands are the best way I’ve found to secure a sling to a stock and keep it out of the way until needed. Stupid simple, stupid effective, definitely try it out on your DD!

  2. that is a pretty impressive turn around time on your leek!

  3. Sam L. says:

    Met a guy once who lived toward the far end of the Tualatin Valley. He told me he was in NYC, having dinner, saw a Tualatin Valley wine on the menu, and ordered it. The waiter told him, “We pronounce that Too-a-latin.” Said the winery used to have their phone number on the label, but had stopped; and though he knew the owner, could not remember his phone number.

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Housekeeping: I received a couple of packages…

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