Housekeeping: Leaving The Lights On For You.

Image courtesy Wikipedia This is an idea of what I’ll be seeing a lot of for the next several days. I’ll be intentionally off the grid most of the time. So…

In honor of my vacation, TTAK will be publishing posts on a reduced schedule for the next week. David and Clay know that they’re free to post anything they find while I’m away, and rest assured there are at least a few goodies in the queue for you already.

Thanks for reading!



  1. Duncan Idaho says:

    Is the review on the Mora Bushcraft coming up this week?

    1. Joe Grine says:

      We are close. I did some testing both last weekend and this weekend, and took pics of some of my projects. Stay tuned…

  2. Sam L. says:

    Be careful out there, and remember, knives go in checked baggage.

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Housekeeping: Leaving The Lights On For You.

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