Housekeeping & Question of the Day: New Year Knife Resolutions.


All Hail the High Holy Day of Football! (and some knife and blog stuff too.)

Happy New Year everyone. This time last year I wasn’t writing much for TTAK (my injury had taken a bit of the starch out of me), and I certainly didn’t think I would be taking over the reigns 4 months later. But I am thrilled to have been given the chance.

WordPress (the blog program and site we use) put together this neat “Year in Blogging” graphical summary. It was a great year, we had more than 1.1 million page views, though ironically 4 of the top 5 were workhorse posts from 2013 – Know Your Knife Laws: Massachusetts & Virginia, the review of the Buck 110, and Will’s Ask a Knifemaker: The Truth About Damascus. The only 2014 post that made the list was the Spartan Knife Block post. This came in at #2 on the year, thanks to the Instalanche that propelled our 16k+ view best day ever.

I also want to thank Sam L., Roger, Nathan, 2hotel9, and jwm who according to the report were our year’s top commenters. I can’t speak for the other writers, but I can assure you that to me there is little in this business more satisfying than when something I write generates a great deal of discussion and commentary.

I will toss out a few more little factoids after the jump, as well as more detail on my Question of the Day: Do you have any New Year’s Knife Resolutions?

A few more random things I learned from the WordPress report were that we have readers in 204 countries, though understandably the US leads the way with the Canada and the UK #’s 2 and 3. And for some reason Tuesday is our most frequent posting day. There is plenty more as well.

On to the Question of the Day.

Is there anything knife related that you would resolve to accomplish in the coming year? It doesn’t have to be something spectacular. Maybe you just want to learn to stone sharpen or find a new EDC. You might be more ambitious and want to try your hand at knifemaking. Maybe it is a trip to the Blade Show (let me know if you are thinking of going) – Maybe a bunch of us could put together a little TTAK get together on the sidelines of the show.

Nothing is too small or too big. I would just like to know where you all would like to be on your personal knife journey this time next year.

Do you have a Knife-related Resolution for 2015?


OK, and I know I am opening myself up to massive ridicule, but I am going to say Go Bucks! Having lived in SEC country for the last 8 years, I am tired of defending the B1G. It is time to do this boys.

Even if you are not a tOSU fan, you have to admit that this is pretty effing awesome:







  1. New year knife resolutions….to accidentally cut myself under a dozen times this year…that would be a huge improvement!

    1. AW1Ed says:

      Sporting a band aid on my right hand fore finger as I type. The implement is a handsome Perkin Damascus hunting/camping knife with a 10 inch blade I received for Christmas.

  2. Sam L. says:

    Nope. Just plan to comment some and send you any interesting knife stuff I run across.

  3. Jon M. says:

    Resolutions get broken when they are overly complex and ambitious, so to keep it simple so I’m just going for 3 right now and will add more if I complete them.

    1. Learn how to sharpen my own knives well. Freehand on stones, using a jig system, whatever, I’m tired of paying and waiting when I need something more slicey.

    2. Complete a modding project or 3. I’ve yet to find a sheath or attachment system that works well from the get-go.

    3. Go to Blade!!!! This one will be the toughest just because of my work scedule, but damn I’m gonna try hard to make it happen.

  4. Jonathan says:

    Sharpen my own knives and stop being a steel snob. I’m starting the new year with a Medford 187 drop point in D2. My most expensive knife to date.

  5. Mark says:

    Just one knife resolution: to repair the handle/scales of a 22 year old SAK Spartan. A Christmas gift from my wife many years ago,. The celluloid scales broke when I dropped it one last time.
    Haven’t decided about which way to go- factory replacement,or try something different- wood, nirvana etc

  6. Roger says:

    1. Get more involved in the local community in various ways. Already have a friend who’s a scout leader that wants me to help teach kids about knives on a more permanent basis.
    2. Invest more money in a rotating EDC system. Right now I only have two “EDC capable” knives.

  7. Kris says:

    I made my first two knives at the end of 2014, so in 2015 I would like to learn from all the mistakes I made on those two and make some knives I can really be proud of.

    I would also like to learn to sharpen a knife to the point i can shave hair off my arm.

  8. American Idiot says:

    New Years Resolution? To buy better knives. Every year I’ve picked up wally world specials. Not this year, I started the year off by picking up a Spyderco Delica and I’m going to continue on that trend. Next is an Endura, Manix 2, or a Stretch. After handling a bunch of Spydercos, ZTs, Kershaws(after I get the Spydercos I want ZTs and Kershaws will be next), Gerbers, and Benchmades I liked the Spydercos best for weight and size. The Gerbers didn’t impress me at all. Benchmades were great but just didn’t seem to fit my hand as well as the ZTs and Kershaws.

  9. sagebrushracer says:

    hrmm. I need to buy a Opinel.

    1. Sam L. says:

      Roger THAT! A bit bulky, but nice, sharp, and inexpensive. Will fit a Mini-Maglite holster, if #8 or smaller.

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Housekeeping & Question of the Day: New Year Knife Resolutions.

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