Housekeeping: Sorry for the single post today. I am visiting Allen Elishewitz tomorrow, so there is that to look forward to…

Howdy folks. Just a quick note before I head to bed. I apologize for not getting another content post out today. It has been a rough one.

When I created the Knife Madness tournament, I stated that I didn’t want to make those posts the only thing happening here for an entire month. I wanted to get a content post in between each one wherever possible. I am travelling next week and I have been trying to get a couple of days ahead of them and didn’t get time to come up with much else today.

I also wanted to give a quick mention of a wonderful opportunity…Thursday morning I am going to visit Allen Elishewitz (Elishewitz Custom Knives) who is a top-tier designer and knifemaker. He also pretty much runs Hogue’s knife operation, which is incredibly fitting since they are on tap for Friday’s tournament matchup against Spyderco. I can hardly wait to share the experience with you Thursday night.

My buddy Jake passed away yesterday. RIP Brother.

The reason I didn’t get more done tonight is because I learned this afternoon that a fraternity brother of mine from Kenyon passed away yesterday. He was a good friend, and I spent much of tonight on the phone with other brothers and also toasting a certain Mr. Jake Dienelt with several drams of Johnnie Walker Blue Label.

The reason for such an expensive toast is because when I was living in Idaho 2002-2006, Jake paid me a visit. 3 days prior to his arrival, I recieved a FedEx package with a bottle of Johnnie Blue. I ran out tonight to get a bottle because anything less just didn’t seem right.

So Rest in Peace my Brother.  He was one of those people you experienced so much as met. There is a giant Jake-sized hole in the world tonight.

Thank you all for bearing with me.


  1. michael schoeneberger says:

    sorry for the loss of your friend

    1. Thanks. This one stings.

      Lost a member of my 90-person HighSchool class last year but we weren’t close.

      Jake and I were fairly close and hen was actually younger than me. So it has me a bit rattled.

  2. cmeat says:

    our greatest loss is the inability to bring up the memories of the deceased. these can no longer be shared for the enhanced, dual remembrance.
    i have felt many times that as long as some one is here to remember them, they aren’t really gone yet.
    spill a drop for him.

    1. I think you can get the death penalty in Scotland for that.

      Your other sentiments are spot on. Thank you my friend.

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Housekeeping: Sorry for the single post today. I am visiting Allen Elishewitz tomorrow, so there is that to look forward to…

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