Housekeeping: Testing updates, contest prizes, and more.


Caleb White has decided to give us the Penance, rather than simply to loan it for testing. I am honored kind Sir.

Howdy folks, I have a couple of quick things I wanted to cover. David has a great post coming up in the morning, so I don’t mind burning my writing time to clear the decks of a few things.

First, I have the prize selections from the Reader Essay Contest. StuartB (Fiskars axe review) selected the Spyderco Sharpmaker, Dan S. (Blackbird Review) chose the Tenacious, Dan V. (What have I got in my pocket?) wants the Pop’s Custom Clip, and that leaves the Clipitool for Bill J.(My love of knives as tools)

Onto all the swag. If you entered an essay in the contest, please email me as soon as possible with your mailing addresses. I will be divvying up the stickers, water bottles, patches, hats, and other items in the coming days. I should have the first batch of stuff in the mail by the end of the week.

In other news, Caleb White of Caleb White Knives left a startling announcement in our comment section today. He gave me a Penance at the Blade Show as a testing loaner, but he has apparently liked what we have been doing with it and the exposure that we are giving him and decided to give me the knife. I am thrilled as I have been enjoying using this fine knife in my testing so far.

It is the policy of TTAK to always be transparent in how we have acquired a knife, and this is no exception. As I have mentioned, it is doubly important as all of us have been developing relationships and friendships with people we have been covering in the industry. I want to be perfectly clear, we have no problem trading exposure in exchange for knives to test. In fact, it is fun to share tools that we are passionate about from people who are becoming friends. We like to use and write about their stuff.

However, our integrity is not on the table, all of us call the balls and strikes as we see them. We want to be up front with our readers so they can factor these relationships in when reading our reviews.

All of that being said, the Penance is a fantastic little knife. The fit and finish are fantastic, and the blade is lively in the hand.

Lastly, I carried the Gerber Strong Arm while guiding today. I like the arrangement that I detailed the other night with regards to carry configuration. I only had a chance to cut a piece of yarn with it, hardly a stressful test, but I can report that it carried comfortably and unobtrusively. A good start.

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Housekeeping: Testing updates, contest prizes, and more.

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