Housekeeping: TTAK Headed to Blade Show

Thanks to our regular contributors and faithful readers, The Truth About Knives is off and running. Well, ambling. That’s not a problem. It’s an ongoing, nay endless challenge to which we’ve dedicated ourselves. To that end, I’m flying down to Hotlanta to check out the 2013 Blade Show. As I know less about knives than I do about Petra Silander’s lingerie choices, I view this as an important opportunity to get up to speed. On edge? Something. Anyway, I’ve decided to focus my energies on taking photos of as many new products as I can handle (literally), writing extended captions for each and trying not to buy more than 10 or so new knives. OK, twenty. If there’s something you want covered or have some suggestion on how to cover the show, I’m all ears. And worn out fingers. Which is just as it should be. Thanks for reading.


  1. Ben says:

    I for one cannot wait for the show this weekend. I’ve been daydreaming about it for months. Hope to see you there Robert! Thanks for creating TTAK, love the site. Keep up the good work.

  2. Aharon says:

    Please spend less time covering auto flip-out knives and more on fixed blade knives. I do like reading about Swiss Army and Leatherman type multi-tool fold out knives. My interests are fixed blade small and large knives in the areas of survival, tactical (fighting knives), martial art weapons, bush crafting, machetes, kukris, tactical swords, food prep, etc.

  3. See you there Robert!

  4. Terry Warlock says:

    Have a great trip and make sure to stop by Star Provisions to eat when you can! If you have the time, there’s a couple of things I’d love to see.

    -New products from the big three: Kershaw, Spyderco, and Benchmade.
    – Chef’s knives with G-10 handles, I’d love to find one for less than 4 bills from a custom maker.
    -Anyone making Kephart style knives! After reading about H. Clay Aalder’s own Project Kephart on this very site, I’ve been interested in the blade style and the iterations that bladesmiths create.

    Thanks for your time, and most importantly, have fun while you’re down there!

    1. Hi Terry…
      I am glad my project has piqued your interest. I apologize that it has been a while since my last update on the project. I am coaching my daughter’s t-ball team and fishing season is in full swing.

      I have also been playing around with making a jig for grinding the secondary bevel (the stage I _really_ don’t want to screw up) and I don’t quite have it where I want it.

      In the immortal words of the late, great Warren Zevon…”I’ll sleep when I’m dead”.

      Thanks for reading!


  5. MOG says:

    You know I had to check out Petra. Now, what were we talking about? Thanks for “The Truth About Knives”. In this world of the latest and greatest black rifles and polymer pistols, (no offense meant) people sometimes forget the basic tool we all can carry, the lowly knife. I say ‘all’ depending on state. I am a low tech kind of guy, I only have 7 knives, 6 folders of the ‘mutt’ variety, and a fixed blade strictly business knife, it is by my bed, along with the .380 and pump 12 gauge. I clean my knives just as well as I clean my firearms. I am still scared of my girl friend.

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Housekeeping: TTAK Headed to Blade Show

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