Housekeeping: Wrapping up a record breaking week


As I sit here in my shop watching the Olympics the time is ticking down on a record-breaking week. Last Sunday the Editor of Knifenews called me about Wells Fargo denying banking services to Hogue Inc., ostensibly because they are a “weapon manufacturer”. Alex wanted my opinion and we discussed the situation. I let him know that I thought it likely was an example of the BO DOJ’s “Operation Choke Point” targeting a member of the knife industry.

To make a long story short, my resulting post on Monday positively exploded. I dropped The Blogfather an email because I thought it would pique his interest. The resulting Instalanche led us to a record-breaking 17,477 page-views – beating our previous record by more than 1,000. But it turned out to be only the beginning.

Wednesday was chugging along nicely, still picking up views from Instapundit as well as from several other sites that picked it up secondhand. Towards lunchtime, David texted me that we were seeing another massive spike in traffic, but he couldn’t figure out from where. I noticed that we were getting a significantly higher number of referrals from Facebook, so I searched there for the terms “Hogue” and “Wells Fargo”. As it turns out, online ammo retailer Cheaper than Dirt had shared our post to their Facebook page.


It isn’t a great picture, but you can see that withing an hour of CtD sharing, it had 937 independent shares from their more than 500k followers. The view-counter was rolling like a race-car’s odometer. By early evening I began to think we might eclipse Wednesday. By 10pm we had. When the clock struck midnight we finished with 19,389 views. Not bad for a blog that does between 3-4K a day on average.



Our week total was right about 76,000 views. Most months are between 100k and 130k. Needless to say we are likely to set a new month record come the end of August.

We would like to thank Glenn “Instapundit” Reynolds, Dan Zimmerman who included the post in last Monday’s TTAG Daily Digest, the folks at Cheaper than Dirt, and a random site (I have no idea who he is but they sent us several thousand referrals throughout the week), There were countless other sites such as LongIslandFirearms, CalGuns, and more who also shared the post and sent us visitors.

And thanks again to Alex whose tip kicked the whole thing off.


  1. Sam L. says:

    Looking at the Quayle site, I think I will not need to go back. Congrats on the Instalanche and the Cheaper Than Dirt crowd!

    1. Yeah. My prepping tends toward a major ice storm, not the rapture. But to each their own.

      When you send me several thousand views and aren’t a white supremacist site, you get a mention.

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Housekeeping: Wrapping up a record breaking week

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